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Do you need a visa, and how do you get one? Read this blog to find out.

About to study in the Netherlands? Here's all you need to know about getting your visa

Date:26 May 2022

When you start your studies in the Netherlands, there are many things you need to consider. You have to apply before May 1, find a good place to live and consider finding a side job to pay for your studies. However, non-Dutch students will have to arrange...

A minor in the Netherlands

A minor at another university in the Netherlands 

Date:19 May 2022

Students of the  Global Responsibility & Leadership  programme have the unique opportunity to spend a year abroad, do an internship, a pre-master or study at another dutch university. During this so-called 'minor' space, they broaden their horizon through...

Leslie Willis

You have just been accepted to a university abroad. Now what?

Date:17 May 2022

In this interview with a Master’s student from Campus Fryslân Leslie Willis, you will find a  number of great tips for new-coming international students, who are about to move to the Netherlands. What should you already be thinking about? What things...

Finding housing in Leeuwarden

5 tips on Finding Housing in Leeuwarden - Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Date:16 May 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

If you are reading this, you have probably decided to start a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at Campus Fryslan. Happy to have you on board soon! However, starting University also means moving out and finding a room to live. In Leeuwarden, that can be...

At Campus Fryslân

Ruben Knoester: During my Master's I learned that a research job is the best fit for my interests and talents

Date:09 May 2022

Ruben Knoester is an alumnus of a Tourism Geography & Planning programme and is currently working as a junior researcher at the Rekenkamer Rotterdam (Audit Office Rotterdam). He loves his job because it gives him an opportunity to carry our a quality...

Loredana Cerrato

Loredana Cerrato: the world is full of opportunities for specialists in voice technology nowadays

Date:09 May 2022

Loredana Cerrato is a project manager at Nuance Communications, in the TechOpS Northern Europe Team. She infuses her curiosity and enthusiasm in her personal and professional life. In the interview, Loredana is sharing her professional story and helps to...

NCF Committees at Campus Fryslan

How to get involved: NCF Committees at Campus Fryslan

Date:25 April 2022

At University faculties you will usually find study associations that organize all kinds of events for their fellow students. At Campus Fryslan we have NCF - Nobis Cura Futuri (“The Care of the Future is Ours”). NCF consists of a huge variety of different...

Leander at work

Leander van der Wal: it is very rewarding to work on topics that have societal and environmental impact

Date:22 April 2022

Leander is an alumnus of MSc. Sustainable Entrepreneurship and is currently working in the policy development of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and Nature. In the interview, Leander shares insights into his work tasks, his typical workday routine, but...

Sjors Weggeman

Sjors Weggeman: First of all determine who you are, where you want to go, and what you want to do

Date:20 April 2022

Sjors is a Msc. Voice Technology student with a background in Artificial intelligence and an interest in psychology. In the interview, learn how Sjors is combining the two in his thesis, why he finds it interesting to cooperate with a company and what...

Leminh at Campus 

Leminh Nguyen: Improving Luxembourgish speech recognition performance

Date:20 April 2022

Leminh is from Luxembourg and has a Computer Science background. He is interested in speech processing and recognition and he chose the MSc. Voice Technology to broaden his knowledge in the field. Currently Leminh is working with the government of...