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The Ubbo Emmius Fund

If you want to provide high quality teaching and innovative research, you have to invest. We must invest in buildings, laboratories, equipment, but above all people: students, teachers and researchers that come from all parts of the world. Fortunately, over the centuries, we have always counted on the support of our alumni and friends that are concerned with our university.

For almost four centuries Groningen raised many talents thanks to this support. In Groningen have been many firsts: the first liver transplant in the Netherlands, Aletta Jacobs - the first female student - was trained, Frits Zernike did his Nobel Prize-winning research, Willem Kolff started his research for the artificial kidney and the artificial heart, and Sibrandus Stratingh designed the first ‘electric car’ in the early 19th century.

The next 400 years, our University also wants to play a significant role in the world. You can help us and support us through one of the funds below.


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