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Alumni Magazines and newsletters Broerstraat 5

Broerstraat 5, Number 4, December 2016, Ben Feringa special

Complete pdf Broerstraat 5, number 4, december 2016, Ben Feringa special


'This prize is so special, almost magical' How life changed for Ben Feringa after getting a call from the Nobal Committee in Stockholm. How did he arrive at this point and what are his plans for the future?
Ben Feringa's left hands He built his revolutionary new molecules in Groningen from carbon and other atoms.
Not afraid of anyone Colourful mentor Hans Wijnberg attracted Ben, Kees, Bert and many others to his discipline.
Kindled by Chemistry A scientist in heart and soul. About a man with a mission and a vision, who stayed true to his roots.
You really belong Master’s student George Hermens: ‘With some formulas I still find myself thinking back to Feringa’s lectures.
Stratingh’s car The first electric vehicle invented in Groningen.
Nobel Prize laureates and the UG His invention of the phase-contrast microscope won UG professor Frits Zernike the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1953.


Editorial and contents

Column Elmer Sterken - Proud as Punch
Alumnus abroad in France - Xiaoyan Zhang and Lili Hou ‘It is not only a huge honour for Ben, but for all of us'
A wondrous city - Herman Feringa '‘I think the level got too high for Ben’
Photo - Nanocar at the Grote Markt
Alumnus Abroad in the United States - Wim Velema '‘At lunch time you find yourself queuing up with Nobel laureates’
Nothing tops Groningen - Tineke Kalter-Meuken, personal assistant of Ben Feringa
Alumni today - Gerard Roelfes en Anne Schoonen, two of the 112 PhD students Feringa has led to the finish line


Miscellaneous - Feringa Building / Royal decoration / What is a nanometre? / What is organic chemistry?
Alumnus writes book
Advertorial AOG School of management

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