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Alumni Magazines and newsletters Broerstraat 5

Broerstraat 5, Issue 3, October 2019

Broerstraat 5, Issue 3, October 2019
Full pdf, Broerstraat 5, Issue 3, october 2019 (Dutch only)

In the October issue of Broerstraat 5: Nostalgic stories and photos about 50 years of Selwerd flats, female role models, memories of Groningen's new mayor Koen Schuiling, plans of the renewed Executive Board, new sustainable materials, rights of online consumers, musings of emeritus Douwe Draaisma, cardiology especially for women and much more. Some articles were translated in English.

Enjoy reading!

English articles

  • Demonstrating that it can be done - Moniek Tromp and Marleen Kamperman share a lot in common. Both are young professors of chemistry at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (ZIAM).Both joined the UG in 2018. Both are engaged in developing new materials. Both enjoy promoting science in the wider community, and both are seen as role models.
  • ‘Consumers need better protection’ - Someone buys a new mattress online. But what if they return the product? They have tried the mattress out and don’t like it. For Charlotte Pavillon, it is issues like these that make consumer law so fascinating...
  • Smart cities: doom or dream scenario? - Ryan Wittingslow operates on the cutting edge of philosophy, technology, aesthetics, urban studies and the history of science. Why is he so interested in smart cities?...
  • Alumnus in Denmark: Maarten van Wijhe - ‘That's right,’ Maarten van Wijhe confirms. The Danish town of Roskilde is most famous for its annual rock festival. ‘Most foreigners don't even know that Roskilde is a university town.’ Van Wijhe started working at the university there in January 2018...
  • 'Women are not just small men' - Throughout her years studying in Groningen in the 1970s, Angela Maas championed the cause of women’s rights. These days, she works hard to ensure that cardiology is more tailored towards women. Her latest book Hart voor vrouwen was published in May...
  • Making friends in Selwerd - Many alumni shared stories and pictures of their time in one of the Selwerd flats with us after our request. Former international student Marc Feth is one of them...
  • Picture: Scanning - Photographer Eddo Hartmann portrayed resaearch into landscape, nature, agriculture and ecosystems.

Dutch articles

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