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New York

Alumni Community

New York is the top city abroad for Groningen alumni. Around 1,000 alumni live and work in New York City. That means that you may have unknowingly walked past one of your fellow alumni in the middle of Times Square!

Together with Matthijs Laban, Doru Zoicas, and George Liao we actively organise alumni reunions to make sure that the group stays connected, can network with each other, share experiences, help each other, and foster curiosity.

New York Alumni Meeting
New York Alumni Meeting
  • Matthijs Laban (president, Notary Law - 1996)
  • Doru Zoicas (International Financial Management - 2016)
  • George Liao (Pharmaceutical Studies - 2015)

    In the beginning of 2021 we also started the East Coast Alumni Community. Together with Groningers from Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. we meet once a year in one of the three cities. Next to the wonderful professional network you can develop it is also a fun day together with fellow Groningers.

    What to expect?

    Meet fellow alumni in your area. Alumni who you may remember from your time in Groningen or alumni who graduated long before or long after you. Overall, a great network to be in touch with to talk about your study time, get career advice, extend your professional network, and stay connected with your alma mater.

    Groningen researchers actively cooperate with universities in New York and also many of our students intern at companies where our alumni work. When researchers travel to New York they meet alumni to share updates about the University of Groningen as well as their research. Together with Matthijs Laban we will organise a variety of meetings such as: walking tours, topic related presentations and discussions, as well as a yearly Alumni living on the EastCoast event. The latter is organised in cooperation with the alumni communities in Boston and Washington.

    Get in touch with fellow alumni?
    Let us know that you would like to join the alumni community by sharing your contact details, so we can keep you up to date about upcoming events in the area. You can also join the LinkedIn Group and Whatsapp Group to stay connected with alumni in the East Coast.

    If you would like to share an idea, become an active member in the region, share your experience of working abroad with our students or write a blog contact the Alumni Team via

    Together with the Alumni Relations and Fundraising department the Alumni Commission organizes around two meetings per year. The following alumni are part of the team:

Expand your professional network with former Groningers

In order to receive invitations for these events, you can sign up for the mailing list.

For more information about the circle, join the Facebook group UG Alumni in New York, or send an e-mail to the Alumni Relations & Fundraising department:

‘It is easy to connect because you have something in common with everyone. It is wonderful to have a network and it is always rewarding to meet new people’ - UG-alumnus, Alumni Survey 2016.

Alumni Commission

Together with the Alumni Relations and Fundraising department the Alumni Commission organizes events two to three times a year. The commission consists at this moment of Matthijs Laban (law, 1996).

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