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Dominic Kranholdt Alumnus-Groningen-Germany

How to choose the right Master?

Date:12 November 2019
Author:Dominic Kranholdt
Should I go for my interests or do I look for programs, which offer me a good starting salary? Should I go abroad for my Master and if so, how to get first-hand information about the program I want to study. Therefore, this blog post gives a short overview on how to choose the right Master. I picked five aspects, which were crucial for my own decision.
Charlotte by Iris Zaagman (c)

Interview with alumna Charlotte Rixten, the youngest museum director in the Netherlands

Date:06 June 2019
Author:Franziska Heinzmann
An interview with UG alumna Charlotte Rixten, the director of museum Villa Mondriaan
Dominic at the UN.

I Was an Intern at the European Union and the United Nations!

Date:23 May 2019
Author:Dominic Kranholdt
While pursuing a master's degree at the UG, Dominic decided to do not one, but two internships at top political organizations.
Filiz Uzuner

Five Things to Consider When Choosing an Internship

Date:09 May 2019
Author:Filiz Sophia Uzuner
Finding an interesting internship at the right company can be difficult and time consuming. Here are Filiz's five tips to help you out.
With the UG team at the "Study in Holland" fair in Athens

Confessions of a UG graduate

Date:25 April 2019
Author:Stelios Matsagkos
After his graduation, Stelios had to make some tough decisions, which made him realize something unexpected.
Student Ambassadors 2018-2019

How I found a job before I graduated

Date:02 April 2019
Author:Aryan Homayoun-Bod
Our alumni ambassador Aryan shares the story of how he found a job before graduation.
At my 'office', the UMCG

Dina's four tips for young alumni on a job-hunt

Date:01 April 2019
Author:Dina Ivarson
Searching for your first job can be very exciting, yet overwhelming experience. Here are Dina's four tips for recent graduates on a job hunt.