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Weronika Sokołowska, representing Poland and following a Master’s degree in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology

How to prepare yourself for your future career without going crazy in the process?

Date:17 May 2022
Author:Weronika Sokołowska

From the youngest of age, we’re made to believe that every step we take, every move we make has a consequence for how our future unfolds. Of course, to some extent this is true and it’s wise to consider the potential results of our behavior, but how...

Victoria Bergström, representing the United States,  Master International Relations

How to stay connected with your home whilst in Groningen

Date:10 May 2022
Author:Victoria Bergström

When I flew from the United States to Groningen, another American student on my flight en route to a different Dutch university seemed nervous and asked, “Because I’m going to university in the Netherlands, does that mean I cannot celebrate Halloween,...

Konstantina Christogianni, International and European Law

To take or not to take a board year? That is the question

Date:26 April 2022
Author:Konstantina Christogianni

Hey there! I’m Konstantina. A Greek student who did her bachelor in Groningen from 2018 to 2021 in International and European Law. I loved my experience studying in Groningen and I’m here to help you do the same! Enjoying my experience in Groningen was not...

Jessie Pietens, specialised in the late medieval and early modern history and literature of England, Scotland and the Low Countries

Why studying at the Faculty of Arts is not “a waste of your time” or “money down the drain”

Date:19 April 2022
Author:Jessie Pietens

You feel somewhat nervous, and your palms are slightly damp. You look around and make sure nobody notices you. But what if they do? So far so good, nobody has come up to you yet. But…, oh no… someone is coming! what will you do!? Should you make a run for...

Yu Chen, coordinator of an international research collaboration between the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and Guangdong Medical University in China

My interesting experience in The Netherlands

Date:12 April 2022
Author:Yu Chen

My name is Yu Chen. I am currently studying for a PhD in behavioral Economics at the University of Groningen. I am also the International Alumni Ambassador of the University of Groningen for the academic year 2021-2022. During the five years of study in...

Erblin Ibrahimi, MSc Computing Science, The Teaching Assistant of the Year

The value of being an active student, taking part in committees

Date:05 April 2022
Author:Erblin Ibrahimi

Hi all! Let’s start with a traditional introduction first, shall we? I’m Erblin Ibrahimi, a 23-year-old MSc student in Computing Science: Data Science and Systems Complexity at the University of Groningen. Originally born in Kosovo, my parents came to...

René van der Steeg, lobbyist in developing and implementing issue management and public affairs strategies

Life after UG: Working as a lobbyist

Date:29 March 2022
Author:Iris Blaauw

René van der Steeg (1966) graduated from IRIO at the University of Groningen (RUG) in 1993 and followed a postgraduate course in association management at the Free University (VU, Amsterdam) in 1999. René now works as a lobbyist in developing and...

Dorottya Kósa, MSc Social Networks

Somewhere between conscious planning and going with the flow

Date:22 March 2022
Author:Dorottya Kósa

Hi! I am Dorottya Kósa from Budapest, Hungary and I am a master's graduate in Euroculture and in Social Networks. Currently, I am working as an EU policy officer at the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities.

Karishma Hiro Ramchand, MSc Economic Development and Globalization

Moving to Groningen

Date:15 March 2022
Author:Karishma Hiro Ramchand

Although I have a great time during my studies in Groningen, there are a few things I wish I had known before moving to Groningen that I would like to share with you in the form of four tips.

Najod Alsabaan, representing Saudi Arabia, Master of Medicine. First female president of the Saudi student club at Groningen University in 2016

Women on boards

Date:08 March 2022
Author:Najod Alsabaan

I am Najod Alsabaan, in my last year of medical master degree at Groningen University. I am glad to represent my university as the ambassador to Saudi Arabia. I was born and grew up in Alkhobar city, located in eastern part of Saudi Arabia. I lived in...