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Regina Ikramova, Russian Federation and Central Asia, Honours Bachelor in International Relations and International Organization (IRIO)

"Stay positive and test negative"

Date:21 October 2020
Author:Regina Ikramova
Could now be the right time to switch the perspective? Can we be entertained without being entertained? Can we take matters into our own hands, search for solutions in ourselves, rather than in external forces?
Aarti kasba, India, Master in Biomolecular Sciences

Why I chose to apply for a PhD programme

Date:06 October 2020
Author:Aarti kasba
I wanted to be well informed about the opportunities that were available for me. In the beginning I was not entirely sure about the kind of research position I was aiming for.
Erekle Koplatadze Alumnus-Groningen-Georgia

How I managed to get a little Georgia into Groningen

Date:11 September 2019
Author:Erekle Koplatadze
Alumnus Erekle tells us how he made sure he felt at home in Groningen