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Nalan Akyurek, International Alumni Ambassador Turkey

How 4 years of studying in Groningen contributed to my personal development

Date:17 September 2020
Author:Nalan Akyurek
Much as it was scary, it was also exciting and hopeful for me to live by myself in another country. Going to university is a big step in life and I am thankful to my younger self for the decision to spend my study years in Groningen. Here’s why:
Matthias Viets, International Alumni Ambassador Germany

How I got a job as a recent graduate in times of Corona

Date:02 September 2020
Author:Matthias Viets
I had more than a dozen job interviews, the recruiters are very interested in how you as a recent graduate are affected by this situation. In general, I had the feeling that recruiters show respect and understanding that it is not an easy time to find a job.
Katherine Arena, Italy Bachelor in European Languages and Cultures

Studying at the UG in times of Corona

Date:10 July 2020
Author:Katherine Arena
It helped a lot that the academic community in Groningen is very strong and, despite the challenges, communication online became more frequent.
Dominic Kranholdt Alumnus-Groningen-Germany

How to choose the right Master?

Date:12 November 2019
Author:Dominic Kranholdt
Should I go for my interests or do I look for programs, which offer me a good starting salary? Should I go abroad for my Master and if so, how to get first-hand information about the program I want to study. Therefore, this blog post gives a short overview on how to choose the right Master. I picked five aspects, which were crucial for my own decision.
Franziska Heinzmann Alumna-Groningen-Germany

Searching for an apartment and finding a second family in Groningen

Date:24 September 2019
Author:Franziska Heinzmann
During the first week I spent in Groningen, I did not believe that this year will be one of the best years in my life.
Erekle Koplatadze Alumnus-Groningen-Georgia

How I managed to get a little Georgia into Groningen

Date:11 September 2019
Author:Erekle Koplatadze
Alumnus Erekle tells us how he made sure he felt at home in Groningen
On a stroll in Leeuwarden

The unexpected joys of Leeuwarden

Date:24 June 2019
Author:Martin Bakardzhiev
Our alumni ambassador Martin tells about Campus Fryslân where he studied. Are you ready to discover the city with him?

Aryan's blog part 2: Life after the UG - Kicking off my career

Date:13 June 2019
Author:Aryan Homayoun-Bod
Student Ambassador Aryan tells about the beginning of his career.
Charlotte by Iris Zaagman (c)

Interview with alumna Charlotte Rixten, the youngest museum director in the Netherlands

Date:06 June 2019
Author:Franziska Heinzmann
An interview with UG alumna Charlotte Rixten, the director of museum Villa Mondriaan
Dominic at the UN.

I Was an Intern at the European Union and the United Nations!

Date:23 May 2019
Author:Dominic Kranholdt
While pursuing a master's degree at the UG, Dominic decided to do not one, but two internships at top political organizations.