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That lecture room

"I lived in a student house in the Oosterpoort for a month when I made my debut as a student of Law."

"I arrived at the movie theater Pathé, where my first lecture would take place in one of the cinemas. In my carefully selected attire I entered the 'lecture room' feeling somewhat tensed inside.

Music was playing jazzy sounds of Take Five. A red velvet chair in the eighth row motioned me to come his way and I obeyed. I placed my still intact college block on my lap. Even though the class was supposed to start I didn’t see my professor. I had yet to study the student slang and was therefore unaware of the ‘Academisch kwartiertje’. I spied a vague silhouette in the front room. The film began playing with Professor Brouwer in the lead, his first sentence being: “the further your study progresses, the harder the chairs will be”.

We are seven years later. It's Monday, six o'clock in the morning. Amsterdam wakes up. The radio plays Take Five and I was transported back in time, in that lecture room."

M. Broeks, Law 2011 @UniversityofGroningen #UGCommonGround #UGalumni #tbt

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