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Talking to a Nobel Prize winner

'I had only been there a couple of weeks when I went to see Prof. Wijnberg about a technical problem.

I couldn't reproduce the results from the lab of Prof. Cram - the later Nobel Prize winner - from Los Angeles. Wijnberg listened to me, reached for the phone and called Cram. He explained to Cram that there was a problem, and then passed the phone to me. "You talk to him." There I was, novice student, conferring with one of the greatest minds in the field. That gave me a huge kick.'

Ben Feringa, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry 2016, Chemistry 1974, PhD in Chemistry 1978 @UniversityofGroningen #UGCommonGround #UGalumni #tbt

Picture by: Alexander Mahmoud ©RU
Picture by: Alexander Mahmoud ©RU
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