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‘In 1911, Tettje was hired by the owner of the building located on the Oude Kijk In’t Jat Straat 18 where she started to run a cigar shop downstairs and student housing upstairs.'
Miss Tettje

'She was 18 years old. She slept in a small living room located in the back of the cigar shop. Students that lived upstairs, including me, would enter her room on a regular basis for soup, coffee or tea. On her birthday we would all come down and drink more than the usual. We would go to the front of the store to get cigarettes ourselves, leaving a note with the amount that we took. The bill at the end of the month was grim. Sometimes we would take over the store for an hour when Tettje had to leave. Life was good, friendly, peaceful and very tolerant. A classic bell rang when you entered the store and the agreement was made that students and their visitors would ring the bell three times while shouting ‘don’t get up’! This saved Miss Tettje a redundant walk from the back to the front of the store. Many students included this agreement in the directory of the Almanac of the study association they belonged to. Every student knew who and what she was. She worked as a landlady until she was 82 years old. For 64 years she contributed to the memorable time of generations of students living in her house.’

K. Toxopeus, Law 1962 @UniversityofGroningen #UGCommonGround #UGalumni #tbt

Miss Tettje
Miss Tettje
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