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'At that moment, I knew she was the one.'
Image by Bert Otten (
Image by Bert Otten (

‘I couldn't take my eyes off her. As she reached the door of a church in Groningen, she paused, turned around, and looked back at me. At that moment, I knew she was the one. Later I discovered that her name was Lea, a PhD student of chemistry at the University of Groningen. When the time came to finish the last chapter of my thesis, in the spring of 2010, I asked her whether I could do my writing at her office in the Zernike complex. She said yes. Time went so fast when we were together. At the end of the summer of 2010, I finished my studies and had to go back to my country. On my last day she accompanied me to Schiphol airport. We promised to meet as soon as she finished her studies, so that we could live together. So now I'm waiting for her and we are busy organizing our wedding this autumn.’

J.E. Wirawan, International Relations & International Organization 2010 @UniversityofGroningen #UGCommonGround #UGalumni #tbt

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