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International Alumni Ambassadors 2016-2017

Representing 15 countries across multiple continents, these RUG alumni are ever ready to meet and share their experiences in Groningen with everyone interested: from prospective students to alumni and from businesses to universities. They aim to bridge the gap between their home countries and their alma mater. Read their testimonials below and feel free to email them with any questions you may have about studying here and alumni activities in their countries. You can get in touch by:

  • Contacting the ambassadors via the studymentors-platform: Make a quick profile, search for University of Groningen members, select your mentor and ask away directly.
  • Sending a request to the International Alumni Office

Check the other years' international ambassadors' testimonials as well.

Testimonial Alexandra Bryson (Ireland)

"Groningen is a fluent and welcoming city to international students so no need to worry about your Dutch just yet! ‘Hoi and ‘Dankjewel’ can get you a long way."

Testimonial Archil Begiashvili (Georgia)

"This city associates with unforgettable student life, unique European lifestyle and the university with high academic standards."

Testimonial Beril Burcak (Turkey)

"Whether you want to become a competitive individual in the job market, start your own business or have an academic career, you will find divisions, courses and coaches to guide you."

Testimonial Dilva Joya (Mexico)

"The staff and the professors are always willing to help you and the environment is completely student-friendly."

Testimonial Elisa Ahovuori (Finland)

"The city is truly international and welcoming and the accessible university offers a wide range of quality programs."

Testimonial Freya van Ellen (Germany)

"There are many student and study associations, that offer you to spend nights of celebration in the city, but they also have an academic aspect."

Testimonial Ksenia Kapranova (Russia)

"Let the tourists go to Amsterdam, businessmen to Rotterdam, but when you are a student: choose Groningen! Streets full of happy students make you fall in love with the atmosphere."

Testimonial Laura Gutium (Romania)

"I was impressed by the range of opportunities for students. The open-mind set between students and professors is what I liked most."

Testimonial Mari Yoshida (Japan)

"You will constantly face academic challenges and you will become a critical, evidence-based, knowledgeable, and convincing scholar."

Testimonial Monica Devina (Indonesia)

"All of the learning processes prepare you to compete in the job market and enables you to pursue the great professional jobs."

Testimonial Monika Vu Kim (Poland)

"I was astounded by the cultural difference, it really makes you more open-minded. I now have friends all over the world!"

Testimonial Muzakki Bashori (Indonesia)

"The beautiful city is well-known as a ‘student city’ as every fifth person in Groningen is a student."

Testimonial Shishi Wu (China)

"As an international student at the University of Groningen, I have felt welcomed and supported throughout the whole academic year."

Testimonial Shubham Singh (India)

"I feel very confident and prepared for the future, and I cannot thank the University of Groningen enough for that."

Testimonial Tiana Xavier (Malaysia)

"There's a plethora of platforms such as societies, events, lectures and festivals going on in the city which would easily serve your interest due to its great variety."

Testimonial Tim Lefarth (Germany)

"The University of Groningen stood out with real problem oriented learning, group based working and a focus on professional development, all closely monitored by a personal coach and caring mentor."