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Yarema Abramyuk, Ukraine/Germany

Bachelor in International Relations
Why Groningen?

When I applied to Groningen I remember reading a lot of reviews and opinions from enrolled and former students. One of those comments said something that I could not fully comprehend back then, however it now makes complete sense to me. A student wrote "Groningen is a small city, that offers you everything a big city would…“. For me this was not possible, because- well in-short- I thought that there was a reason why a big city would be big and a small city small. Anyhow, Groningen has taught me otherwise. Despite its comparably small size, Groningen really offers a lot- sometimes even more than a bigger city. From sports to festivals, from workshops to (the most important feature for students) bars, pubs and parties- you have everything a student really can dream and wish for. Another advantage is that in Groningen everything can be reached by bike, mostly within 10-15 minutes. Naturally, it might take some time until you get acquainted and comfortable with the rules of the streets, but very soon you will enjoy the pleasures of this cycling city. Overall, the city is very young and vibrant. Every fourth person in the city is a student, something that you really feel especially when you go out and enjoy the exciting nightlife. Most importantly for me is the feeling of home, that I feel every time when I come back or enter the city. This feeling comes very soon after arrival and hopefully never leaves.

Why the University of Groningen?

Personally, I can only recommend the University of Groningen to everyone that wishes to experience great study years. Beside the truly magical city, many arguments speak for this particular University.

Firstly, we are the second oldest University in Netherlands. Founded in 1614, we can look back at a long and rich history. Throughout these years many world famous and influential people walked the halls and visited the lectures of our Uni- just to give you an example 4 Nobel Prize winners, a Secretary General of NATO and the first president of the European Central Bank. Would you like to become part of this great family?

Secondly, you most probably already read that we are a "top 100 university“. Sounds good to tell to your friends, right? However, what is even better is to actually experience what this means. The professors are knowledgable and on top of that willing to help out interested students to dive even deeper into the topics. RUG also offers its students a lot of opportunities such as the Honours College programme for top students, working as a Teaching Assistant or joining one of the university committees or study associations. Everything here is designed to create a well-rounded student experience.

Thirdly, the internationality. As an International Relations student it was very important to me to study in an international environment. The world is a diverse and multicultural place. Speaking, studying and learning together with people from all over the world allows me to view the world from multiple angles and perspectives. Whether this advantage applies to you too or not, it nevertheless gives you a great opportunity to grow as an individual and expand your own horizon.


Hello there, my name is Yarema Abramyuk. I am originally from Lviv, Ukraine, but have lived half my life in Germany. After graduating high school, I continued my adventure in The Netherlands- in the beautiful city of Groningen. Currently I am studying International Relations and hope to finish it in summer 2023. Afterwards, I would like to do a Masters degree, however I am unsure as to what direction I would like to specify in. Stereotypically for an International Relations student I would like to become a diplomat one day. However, before reaching that position a lot of unpaid internships are awaiting. Beside my studies I am an active member at the IR study association "Clio“ and have worked for some time as a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Arts. In my free time I like hanging out with my friends, go for a jog or read a good book.

Feel free to write to me in case you have questions about becoming a student at RUG- I am very happy to help you out! Good luck and who knows, maybe we see each other in Groningen one day! Take care- Yarema.

Yarema Abramyuk
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