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Sarah Gina Febriana, Indonesia

Master in Applied Social Psychology
Sarah Gina Febriana
Sarah Gina Febriana
Why Groningen?

At first, I was concerned about the northern weather and intimidated by the fast Dutch bikers. But even in the cold windy months, Groningen remains beautiful. The city offers a rich spectrum of attractions for the nature lovers to the pubs for the nocturnals - small yet packed with great energy from its residents. The perfect balance for students who wish to focus on their studies but also to be active. Active in what way you may ask? Opportunities abound, from the study organization, like VIP for psychology students, to sports and student organizations from your country, like PPI, an association of Indonesian students. It is also very easy to find like-minded people here and make connections and friendships that last a lifetime.

Why the University of Groningen?

Well, while reading papers during my undergraduate studies, I noticed that many of these researchers were from the Netherlands. Then, in my hunt for a master's degree that tailored to my specific areas of interest, I found the perfect program at RUG. Unlike many other universities, RUG also has admissions in the spring. Also, if you compare RUG with other universities in the Netherlands, the tuition fees and reputation just fit the best.

Studying at RUG has really exceeded my expectations. The quality of teaching and research is not just a tag attached to RUG. When writing assignments, I have constantly come across the work of our professors’ and the researchers who have collaborated with them in various reputable journals. A well-networked university would certainly be valuable for the future. I particularly like the fact that the instructor challenges us to be creative and critical, whether in group discussions or in writing our essays. The flat hierarchy is something that I also find very appealing. Coming from a country with a lot of formal courtesies, it can be unusual to address professors only by their first names. But it allowed the students to have a more relaxed discussion and experience closeness to their teacher. Not only we are taught by professionals in their field, but the university also offers free Dutch language courses, a student counselor, study-related training, and career support services.


I am called by my middle name Gina and was raised in a small town called Fakfak in Indonesia. After completing my bachelor's degree in Psychology in Germany, I was eager to learn more about social psychology beyond its theories, where I had the privilege to complete my master's degree in Applied Social Psychology at the University of Groningen. Truthfully, it was not my first choice to study in the middle of a pandemic, but I am glad that I chose to do it in Groningen. I had the most helpful professors and supervisors. Do not let the directness of the Dutch discourage you, the Dutch are one of the most open-minded and accepting societies to the international students.

In my free time, I like to cook, learn languages and paleoanthropology, or look at the night sky and spot the constellation of stars - I am confident that I will not be lost at the sea now. While I'm still looking for my next endeavor, I will soon be starting a part-time position as a teaching assistant and trying to fulfill my bucket list to try all the cakes in cafes!

I can imagine that you need an insider's perspective on living and studying in Groningen. So please, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am more than happy to help you!

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