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Durga Ammu, India

Master in Accountancy and Controlling
Durga Ammu
Why Groningen?

When I first began looking for places to pursue my master’s degree, I had to choose between the numerous universities that the Netherlands has to offer. I was also looking for a place to call home. A second home, away from home where I would live and learn with the perfect mix of comfort and opportunities.

While most Dutch cities are student friendly and beautiful, Groningen had something more to offer. I looked up a few videos online of the city of Groningen-The serene parks and trees, the perfect bike paths, the numerous canals, the cheerful Dutch folks and most importantly the students-the diversity and the energy. It was what I was looking for- “gezellig “ and fun! The city of Groningen is the student city of the Netherlands; around one-third of the city's residents are students of the RUG and Hanze-I knew I would never feel alone! It felt like the right place to start the new phase of my life and 2 years later, I am glad I chose Groningen.

Why the RUG?

The University of Groningen has an unmissable charm that immediately appeals to everyone, no matter how different you are. The rich history of the university, its academic excellence as well as the diversity are evident in its everyday ambience. Studying in a university older than 400 years, and being a top 100 university worldwide with 120+ master's degree programmes taught in English, combined with the incredible architecture and facilities, I could not help but believe it was the place for me. The strong focus on diversity and inclusion made the RUG feel like I belonged here.

Moreover, the University has a vast alumni network and sturdy partnerships with multiple companies at all levels, facilitating internships and job opportunities-guiding us in every step of the process, through their career services-the RUG has you covered even after you graduate!


Namaste! I am Durga Ammu, from India. I moved to the Netherlands a couple of years ago to pursue my master’s in Accountancy and Controlling. Throughout my years in India, I moved across various states, and got acquainted the different languages and cultures. I truly cherish those experiences and believe that it is the foundation of everything I am today. Having studied accountancy for almost a decade and having worked in India, I decided to take my professional and personal exposure to an international level-and I found myself looking at options in Netherlands. As an international student from India, it has been quite an interesting experience for me at the RUG-very comfortable, yet so new!

Fun fact-I have never travelled out of India before my big move here and was truly nervous. However, over the last year, I saw myself going from being an absolute stranger from a faraway land to building connections at the university and experiencing the true Groningen life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with the people, the University and the city of Groningen. As the alumni ambassador I would love to share what I truly feel about this beautiful city and the University! Feel free to reach out to me about any questions and and I really hope to see you here.

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