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Nalan Akyurek, Turkey

Bachelor in English Language and Culture

Why Groningen?

The first time I came to Groningen, I was here for my meeting with the study advisor to talk about my interest in the UG and English Language and Culture bachelor programme. Walking to the university campus from the train station among friendly city people and bikes, I finally found the study advisor’s room in the wonderous Harmonie Building. He was there with all the documents I had sent him laid out on the table, underlined and carefully read. With the pleasant surprise of being cared for even before I became a student, I went down to the cafeteria and had some coffee while watching the students rush up and down the big round stairway. That very first day in Groningen, my mind was up: I was going to study here in this lovely city, in the vibrant study environment of University of Groningen.

Why the University of Groningen?
A few months before it happened, when I decided to study in the Netherlands, there were two bachelor programmes that taught my choice of BA in English rather than in Dutch, one in Amsterdam and the other in Groningen. I took my time choosing between the two, living in Amsterdam for a while and searching about both schools and departments. The UG’s English Language and Culture BA had been the top ranked programme in the Netherlands (still is!), and the staff and the curriculum reflected the quality of education. My only concern was whether I can handle this demanding study programme, but my worries were relieved when I saw the caring staff and helpful students of the UG.

Looking back, I can see that enrolling in the University of Groningen was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life.


I am Nalan, a life enthusiast from Turkey. I have been a student at the UG since 2017, when I began my BA major of English Language and Culture, and BA minor of Media and Journalistic Culture. Apart from studying, I did volunteer work and participated in various student associations and committees, currently taking part in the Board of Amnesty International Student Group Groningen as the PR Officer. I love design, social media, art, literature, and helping with the good causes. After I graduate, I hope to dive into the working life, starting off my career as a web designer or PR officer.

Nalan Akyurek
Nalan Akyurek
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