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Putri Astiwi, Indonesia

MSc International Business & Management
Putri Astiwi
Putri Astiwi

The University of Groningen: a combination of academic excellence, international atmosphere, and digital environment

The University of Groningen (UG) is the place where groundbreaking researchers and international environment meet. Listed in the top 100 world universities ranking, the UG grabbed my attention immediately. Established more than 400 years ago, the UG provides its students with a strong alumni network, modern education system, and excellent facilities. The big online database, accessible from any computer at the University and my laptop, is striking. Students have an all-in-one card (for payments and ID), cashless coffee and print machines, and an online course platform. The programs are well structured and the professors who design the courses often contribute to the academic literature we read. In addition, you can join many student organizations and conferences.

Groningen: Lively, international, student city

If you are looking forward to studying in a student city, you might consider living in Groningen with the youngest population in the Netherlands (a quarter of its population is students). Besides studying, you can also find many cultural activities and venues, such as art and music festivals, theatres, and others. As a student, you can visit the Groninger Museum for free (and have discounts in many more museums and attractions). When it comes to religious freedom, you can find halal ingredients and foods in the neighborhood and a praying room at the university. Indeed, the city is open for diversity. I might say that Groningen is far from being a metropolitan city, but the shopping area and market are satisfying enough. I can assert that Groningen is a student city polished with adequate living facilities.


I am Putri Nur Astiwi and was born and raised in Indonesia. I am a finance and business enthusiast who has a genuine interest in bringing significant change to Indonesia. As a top of the class Bachelor graduate from the University of Indonesia and having started my professional career of managing big investments, these successes did not stop me from continuing my studies. I decided to pursue the International Business and Management MSc programme at the UG, as I believe that cross-country collaboration is an important step for Indonesia. Fortunately, I was granted a scholarship from the Dutch government (StuNed). Studying at the UG has opened many learning opportunities for me. I have been invited to present my thesis at a conference in Berlin. I also extended my study at the UG with the Honours program.

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