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Kushagra Gahlot, India

MSc Nanoscience
Kushagra Gahlot
Kushagra Gahlot

Groningen – The place to be!

I still remember my first visit to Groningen. It was sunny and windy, and I was awfully nervous about an interview I had the next day. I took a walk around the city and the vibes were just so positive and exhilarating. The interview went well and there I was as a new student in Groningen three months later.

All the young energy around, students on bikes making their way through the streets, the Martini tower standing high, the busy farmer’s marker on Vismarkt, the lively city centre, the beautiful Academy building, and many more things which will make you realize that Groningen is the place to study. The phrase: ‘the city is our campus’ fits perfectly because the University buildings are spread across the city. Groningen small and safe, one can get anywhere within 15 minutes by bike. You can go to USVA for cultural activities and ACLO for sports. The place has something to offer to everyone.

As a proud alumnus, I invite prospective students to live in and experience this amazing city.

Why the University of Groningen?

The UG is a wonderful place to be – it has a multicultural student environment where Dutch and international students share, care and grow together. You never feel like there’s a language barrier because everyone speaks English. And if you want to learn Dutch, the University offers free courses. I chose to study a research-focused master’s in Nanoscience at the UG, which was a great learning experience. The programme is designed in a thoughtful way to prepare you well for the future. The international work-groups, hands-on approach and interdisciplinary nature are some of the key features of my programme.


I am Kushagra Gahlot, pursuing a master’s in Nanoscience at the UG. I come from India - Nainital (to be specific), formerly a British hill station in the northern part of India. Prior to this, I studied Chemical Science, bachelor’s and master’s, in India. I am a science enthusiast; always up to learn/discuss new things. I wish to finish my studies with a doctoral degree and pursue a career in science thereafter.

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