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Damilola Alabi, Nigeria

LLB International & European Law
Damilola Alabi
Damilola Alabi

Why the University of Groningen?

I decided to apply to the University of Groningen for many reasons but most importantly because it offers the perfect combination of the ideal courses, a great reputation for excellent academic/research standards and very reasonable costs. The first thing I noticed was that many of the courses are taught courses in English; there are many options for prospective international students. I checked the reviews on other websites and was happy to find that the students think that the lecturers have a great command of English and there is no preferential treatment between Dutch and English courses. As an English speaker, I find it important that I would not be disadvantaged because of my choice of language and the UG fulfills this requirement.

The programmes are relatively unique, such as International Relations and International Organizations and International and European Law. I appreciate it, especially because coincidentally my interests align with the International and European Law programme, and most universities only offer traditional law degrees/programmes. I am also drawn by the sound academic background of the faculty members and the opportunity to get involved in research (the credibility of which was backed up by the global rankings). Additionally, I find the tuition cost to be very fair for the quality of education when considering universities all over the world with the same standards. I also took note of the administrative staff and the study advisers’ responsiveness and willingness to help; from my first point of contact until today, it has always been a positive experience. Lastly, the multicultural and all-inclusive faculties and classrooms impress me as I always appreciate diversity in educational settings.

Why Groningen

I like Groningen because of its young and varied population. Also, the environment is very picturesque and full of cultural events. The proximity to the bigger cities is a bonus as it means I can have the best of both worlds. The Netherlands has a great transport infrastructure, so it provides an opportunity to explore many cities and countries. Most importantly, Groningen is safe, tolerant and welcoming.


I am Nigerian and before moving to Groningen, I lived in Abuja (Nigeria) for about 2 years. I study International and European Law (LLB) and I will be graduating with the class of 2019.

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