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Yue Kay Tao, China

Master International Relations & International Organizations
Yue Kay Tao, China
Yue Kay Tao, China

Why the University of Groningen?
The University of Groningen (UG) is an admirable university where to pursue your aspirations while studying. For bachelor students, rigorous trainings on theories and methodologies are completed to get into more advanced studies. For master students, emphasis is put on developing one’s ability to research independently with small seminars where every student can receive one-on-one coaching.

From a prestigious reputation for its high educational quality to attentive academic training around the world, the UG still strives to show its students it is always underway to improve its educational quality and assorted academic facilities. After the completion of a studying period, students always receive an email to evaluate the classes they took and the professors in charge as well as to provide suggestions on the administrative work of their departments.

Off-campus workshops and lectures are a hit among students. They are usually organized in a nice café or a bar with various topics ranging from psychology to politics, where you can always find something you are interested in and have some views on. Wisdoms are storming just like the days in the 19th century; philosophers, writers, and artists all huddled in cafés of the left bank of the Seine.

To get international students adapted quickly and smoothly to the Dutch culture and the living environment, the UG additionally offers free Dutch language courses to international students, which prepare basic language skills for their potential future in the Netherlands. However, language is never a problem while studying and living here as 80% of people can speak extremely fluent English in this young and vibrant student town.

Academic life undoubtedly cannot capture the whole picture of the glowing stories of the students at the UG. “There’s only one type of success, which is to live your life in the way that you like.” My life here at the UG has strengthened my belief in this motto. There’s no judgement on who you are and what you like. Debates and discussions are always welcomed on and off campus. You will discover your professor might show up with a cool and nonchalant appearance with one-ear piercings and one of your most diligent and brilliant classmates might perform with his own rock band in a local concert.

Reflecting back on the days from searching for an ideal living place to inevitable daily intercultural communication, I have learnt to organize my life and respect disagreements and conflicts. The UG allowed me to mature and trained me to be more confident in my own abilities. I have gradually gained an understanding of speaking up my mind and letting my voice be heard in seminars and other extensive stages.

I have traveled much in the last year to participate in miscellaneous activities and just moved to Amsterdam to pursue my future career. However, no matter which part of the world I am in, there is a place residing in my heart. I can always go back to pick up all my favorite and familiar little things: to have a cup of coffee at News Café, to have a box of hot fried fish with mayo from the fish market, to climb on the top of the Martini Tower ordering a piece a of my beloved piano music from the old performer, and to call out some friends to cycle across the fetching canals and windmills.

It is Groningen. It is always there to warm you up.

Kay Tao is from China. She obtained her bachelor degree in Fudan University, Shanghai. Afterwards Kay Tao came to the University of Groningen to pursue her master study in International Relations. Upon completion of her studies, she plans to stay in the Netherlands to do an internship and find a full-time job.

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