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Mohjah Abualmakarem, Saudi-Arabia

Master Medical Sciences
Mohjah Abualmakarem, Saudi Arabia
Mohjah Abualmakarem, Saudi Arabia

Why Groningen?
Groningen is the perfect student city; it has an amazing balance between student facilities, libraries, fun activities and weekend- and nightlife. Coming from another culture, I must say I did not feel a cultural shock. Groningen is so international that you fit right in no matter where you come from. It is always beautiful to see people from so many different countries become friends here, because being in the same place makes you realize you have much more in common than you thought. It is also one of the safest places I have been to, I never felt uncomfortable walking into any place, and I was always welcomed with a smile. Of course, it is also a place where you can work on your hobbies, there are so many workshops you can attend to improve your skills or to learn new ones, like biking! Do not be alarmed when you see the enormous amount of bicycles when you arrive in the Netherlands, it is the most used way of transportation. Believe me it is sometimes faster and more convenient than a car.

I came to the Netherlands with the plan to study at the University of Groningen, one of the oldest and largest in the Netherlands. It is such an honor to study at such a prestigious university that is more than 400 years old. The university gives great opportunities to medical students, it is a research center, that also allow internships abroad and has many exchange programs. I myself am thankful to have had the chance to do research alongside great professors and doctors. The university offers many programs in English; I was one of the lucky ones to participate in the international bachelor of medicine that was taught in English, which gave me enough time to learn Dutch for my master degree. Whenever I needed help, the university was there to support me, from study advisors, to organizing extra courses or arranging Dutch courses to help us learn the language. They also always asked for feedback from the students, because they find improving the university as important as teaching the students and making their experience the best.

Mohjah is a master student at the medical program of the University of Groningen. She always had a passion for travelling and learning other cultures and languages that is why she decided to pursue her higher education abroad to combine all her passions together. Since she arrived here, she participated in many voluntary programs besides her study; she was a translator for refugees on many occasions, she was a member in different committees to organize summer schools as well as benefit dinners to collect funds for charities. Mohjah did not let her extracurricular activities stand in the way of her study. She participated in different research projects which she got to present internationally and won prizes for. She loved her time at the Netherlands and considers it her second home. That is why is decided to become an alumni ambassador to show her gratitude to the university.

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