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Bernando Kaiser, Brazil

Master International Law and Human Rights, 2018
Bernando Kaiser, Brazil
Bernando Kaiser, Brazil

Groningen: The world's biggest small city
The first day I arrived in Groningen, coming from an enormous city like Rio, I got worried. Would I be able to survive in such a small town? Where were the glass buildings, avenues and mega malls?

It was only throughout the year that I found out how much Groningen had in store for me and my fiancée. There were cinemas, restaurants, parks, nightclubs, stores, festivals and much more, with something new to do all year round. The Groningen library held the biggest collection of books I had ever seen. The variety of people and accents was something I have never experienced. I could see how a humble city of only 200.000 is known as one of the most cosmopolitan places in Europe.

The University
The University of Groningen is a place of high-skilled learning, with great infrastructure and excellent professionals. All professors and staff are available to give you supervision and help when needed. The Masters in International Law is hard work, but the reward is proportional to the investment. There are many opportunities to apply your knowledge and broaden your experiences during the course, with lectures, seminars, movie screenings, excursions and extracurricular activities. In addition, if you are a more active kind of person, ACLO has an enormous variety of exercise classes you can subscribe to, from soccer to badminton and MMA. If you want, you are never going to have a dull moment.

My biography
I graduated with a bachelor in Law with a specialization in Criminal Law by the Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ). I've worked in the Inter-American Court and Institute of Human Rights in Costa Rica for almost a year and got my Attorney certificate in 2016. From then on, I have worked as an attorney in the fields of Oil and Gas and Tax law in a private office in Rio de Janeiro, until I got the opportunity to start my LLM in International Human Rights Law at the University of Groningen, and became part of the editor's board of the Groningen Journal of International Law. I am also engaged to a marvelous woman that will also start her master's in Digital Humanities in Groningen University during the year of 2018.

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