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Testimonial Alexandra Bryson (Ireland)

alumna International and European Law (LLB)
Alexandra Bryson - alumna International and European Law LLB from Ireland
Alexandra Bryson - alumna International and European Law LLB from Ireland

Why I chose Groningen

Groningen may just sound like a little city in the North of the Netherlands but it is home to a great university, which in turn has become home to me. To put it simply, I chose Groningen for its world rankings and interesting courses on offer- all taught through English. My programme- International and European Law LLB is one of a kind and not available elsewhere. It combines two large branches of law while giving a solid overview of other interdisciplinary subjects like International Relations and Economics.

Applying principles instead of reciting material

The University has some world renowned experts in their respected fields. I believe I have received the highest quality of education here and without a doubt, I have been taught in an independent manner where I apply the principles and not recite material. The tools which I have acquired here along with my degree are welcomed in the competitive job market in combination with my globalised outlook on life, these together make you a strong candidate.

Something for everyone

There is a lot of fun to be had here, however, it is not all fun and games. Dutch universities and especially in Groningen, a strong study ethic is required. They give a lot of attention to you and ask you to give the same to your studies. I personally like the continuous assessment method of examination, it allows me to study in depth a couple of subjects instead of cramming for several courses all at once. Besides study, there is every activity/association under the sun here, there is something for everyone. ACLO sports centre is open to all students where you can partake in Zumba classes to playing competitive football. To help you and you Dutch skills, the University offers a complimentary Dutch course for you to follow. Groningen is a fluent and welcoming city to international students so no need to worry about your Dutch just yet! ‘Hoi and ‘Dank je wel’ can get you a long way.

Groningen is a gem

I have been happy in this city and I know you will be too. Groningen is a gem. I have fallen in love with it over the past three years. It may be small but I like meeting my friends in the street. It is friendly and has good connections to other cities and European countries. You can catch a bus to Berlin or a train to Brussels or Paris at the weekends! I have met people from all over the world and made friends for life. Through my experience here, I have become more independent, confident and more internationalised. Studying abroad has been thoroughly enriching for me and I encourage, without any hesitation to everyone to do it at least once if not twice! (Studying a semester abroad is a compulsory course module for the law programme).

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