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Testimonial International Alumni Ambassador

Name: Tobias Arbogast
Country: Germany
Program: BSc Psychology (English Program)

Tobias Arbogast
Tobias Arbogast

About Studying in Groningen

The arrival in Groningen transformed my life: while being a semi-motivated student back in Germany, the University atmosphere set free all my energy and motivation. At the time, I wanted to gain international experience, improve my English and dive into the fascinating world of psychology. All three expectations were by far exceeded and the RUG with its cutting-edge research, cross-disciplinary approach, very competent and open teachers, and high academic standards makes for a perfect learning environment. The RUG helped me to develop my ambitions which in turn helped me to become a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation. With this I was able to organize an Erasmus abroad semester at the Université de Genève, Switzerland, culminating in my continuing to study French back in Groningen. Furthermore, I am particularly fascinated how neatly many aspects of student life can harmonize here: ambitious studying, professional skill development, exciting discussions with fellow students and professors, virtually any kind of sports at the ACLO, fun social activities, and great night life etc.! It was very easy to network here and get to know all kinds of people, team up with them for projects or just discuss fascinating topics with them in a bar. Additionally, Groningen itself is a wonderful student city with many opportunities. The upbeat and friendly Dutch culture (especially the bicycle culture) rounded off my positive impression and encouraged me to learn Dutch.


Originally from Karlsruhe, Germany, I moved to Groningen after finishing my Abitur in 2012 and started the BSc Psychology program at the RUG. Before long, though, I found myself reading all kinds of literature and sitting in additional courses. I am a passionate student who loves studying in general, (almost) no matter what discipline. Actually, the open atmosphere at the RUG made me take additional courses in other disciplines, which ultimately helped me to find an internship in Cambridge and Germany. In my first and second year, I joined the Honours College, the TalentWeb Groningen, and started to work as a tourist guide and writer at Marketing Groningen.

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