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Testimonial International Alumni Ambassador

Name: Roumiana Kamenova
Country: Bulgaria
Program: bachelor International and European Law

Roumiana Kamenova
Roumiana Kamenova

About studying in Groningen

My experience in Groningen is one that I will never forget. I did not know what to expect when coming to the Netherlands. I had lived in many different countries before coming to the Netherlands, and from this experience I knew that this country would be unique because every country has something unique about it. However, I had no idea how unique this country would really be. From the open-minded society, to the weather, the mentality, the language, the constant buzz of cyclists and the culture, each aspect of life here in the Netherlands was different from what I had seen and experienced before. One very important aspect was the fact that the proficiency in English of Dutch people is highly commendable. Almost everyone speaks English and therefore, unless you are eager to get a job, not knowing the local language is not a big issue. Surround mostly by students, I never felt out of place, I felt at ease and comfortable because I knew we were all in it together despite not knowing all the people that walked past me! Reflecting on my 3 year stay here, I can look back and say that I have been pleasantly surprised. At first I didn’t see things this way, because I was an 18 year old who had just graduated from high school and was suddenly faced with the real world. Naturally I was scared and intimidated, being placed in a new environment all by myself outside of my comfort zone. However, as time passed, I made many new and interesting friends from all over the world and we could relate to each other through common experiences. There was ample opportunity to integrate with people, ranging from cozy bars to social events organized by faculty associations. After some time, I really grew to like it here. Once we got settled in and were doing well on our exams, things began to fall into place and I eventually started to look at Groningen as my home away from home. Groningen will always be my home; after all, this is where I spent 3 years of studying, but also learning – learning about life the way no professor can teach you in class.


I was originally born in Sofia, Bulgaria. However, I have spent the majority of my life living abroad, learning different languages and learning to live amongst many different people representing different cultures which has helped me become a very open minded person. Since I associate myself as being an international individual, I believe this is what drove me to take part in an International program here in the Netherlands in a community filled with foreigners from all over the world. Moreover, I am competitive in nature, both spiritually and in terms of education. This can be illustrated by the fact that I have been a part of numerous sport teams throughout my childhood up until this point.

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