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Name: Lydia Walter
Country: Austria
Program: Bachelor International Relations

Lydia Walter
Lydia Walter

About studying in Groningen

What struck me most when arriving in Groningen to start my Bachelor in International Relations was the openness and friendliness of the people, as well as the cheerful atmosphere. Whenever the sun was out, everyone was on the streets and in front of their houses. If it rained, there were hundreds of little pubs and cafés around to socialize in with friends and soon to be friends.

I decided to apply for this study since it does not exist in Austria, and it was the best decision I could have made. I had the possibility to learn from and live with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and interests. Also, the student life is great: there are student organisations and study associations for any interest and passion, and becoming a member does not only help you make great friends, but also helps to broaden your horizon and gain invaluable working experience. Additionally, there is a great cultural agenda in relation to the size of the city: Concerts, Theatre, Exhibitions, etc.

I found the study itself challenging and demanding, and I learned how to study effectively and manage my time well. Many of my professors were enthusiastic about teaching and supportive of their students.


Lydia Walter grew up in Salzburg, Austria, where she graduated from a high school with a focus on languages. Subsequently, she was working as a flight attendant and travelled to all five continents before starting her studies in Groningen. Lydia engaged in several activities during her time as a student. She was a member of her study association and created a magazine on international affairs with a team of fellow students. Lydia also had the privilege of being a part of the local Amnesty International group, and was a tutor for first year students. Additionally, she was a delegate for a renowned Dutch Model United Nations organization and later became Head Delegate and trainer for the organization. She speaks five languages and spent an amazing Erasmus exchange semester in Rome, Italy. Lydia was selected as Austrian Youth Delegate to the United Nations and will represent Austrian Youth in the UN General Assembly in fall of 2014.

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