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Name: Claudia Hagspiel
Country: Austria
Program: Master in Business Administration

Claudia Hagspiel
Claudia Hagspiel

About studying in Groningen

Studying in the Netherlands is a once-in-a-life-time experience that no one should miss. The Netherlands offers a high-quality education level and an affordable price. The University of Groningen is well-known in the Netherlands for its outstanding level of education and is ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide.

Alongside a wide-range of high-quality study programs, Groningen is considered to be one of the best student cities in the Netherlands. Around one quarter of the population in Groningen are students. Therefore, this beautiful city has around 200 bars and pubs where students can relax after exhausting study days and can network with other students.

Moreover, Groningen offers a lot of activities for students, for example fitness at ACLO (largest sporting association in NL) or cycling through the city centre with the famous “Oma-fiets” (the common Dutch bike). What is more, Dutch people are very open-minded and helpful with foreigners, which makes your stay in the Netherlands a very enjoyable experience.

If you are up for a challenging, but exciting study experience, I strongly recommend you go to the Netherlands and apply at the University of Groningen for one of their high-quality study programs. This will not only open up your horizon, but also allow you to build international networks and gain experiences which you will never forget.


Claudia Hagspiel is from Austria and acquired her Bachelors degree in International Business Administration in 2012 in Vienna. Claudia is currently working towards her Masters degree in Business Administration (Strategy & Innovation Management) at the University of Groningen and expects to finish in July 2014.

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