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Yana Antonenko, international alumni ambassador 2013-2014, Russia

Yana Antonenko

Home country : Russia
Programme : Master in Business Administration – Marketing Research
Scholarship : BI Master of Science scholarship; Erasmus Mundus

Contact :

I was sincerely surprised by the exceptional quality of education at the Faculty of Economics and Business and its cutting-edge Master programme in Marketing Research. This programme is one of the best marketing research programmes in Europe and is taught by world-famous professors in this field.

About studying in Groningen
I had a very nice educational and social experience at RUG. Groningen is a very friendly city, full of young people. It is small, but you actually never notice this, since it is very lively, and there are lots of things going on all year round. It also has a really convenient infrastructure, and you can reach any point in town by bicycle or bus. There is a lot of nature in Groningen and around it, and you will enjoy cycling along the canals, through beautiful parks or in the middle of vast fields outside Groningen.

The university has a huge modern campus in Zernike, and several faculties are located in the city center. Most of the university buildings are sophisticated modern architecture, which makes them really inspiring to spend time in. Studying at RUG was challenging, but it is a highly enriching and rewarding experience. You will learn a lot of things and you will also have many chances to apply this knowledge during your studies. The professors are always ready to help, even though most of your time will be self-studying and working in teams.

Before coming to Groningen I obtained a Bachelor degree in Marketing at GSOM in Russia and also went for exchange terms to TCD in Ireland and SSE in Sweden. Then I decided to take my Masters abroad and went to BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway. The school had a double degree agreement with University of Groningen, and this is how I spent one year of my masters in Norway and one in Groningen, and obtained a double Masters’ degree. I specialized in marketing research and data analysis. I enjoy travelling and learning new languages and cultures. My favorite language is Spanish.

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