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Sunniva Kvaløy, international alumni ambassador 2013-2014, Norway

Sunniva Kvaløy

Home country : Norway
Program : Master in Medicine (4th year)
Contact :

About living and studying in Groningen
I chose Groningen due to several reasons, but the number one reason was the university’s good reputation. The medical program in Groningen is different from most other countries in the sense that it focuses on problem-based learning, and it also provides you with numerous extracurricular activities, for example, the research programs and Honours College. The international bachelor of Medicine is a small and interactive group, which means that you know all your classmates, and they become your best friends. My favourite thing about the medical program in Groningen is that you learn a specific way of thinking from day one, and the program is not built up in a traditional way by doing things subject by subject, here they just throw you into it on the first day.

What I did not know before I moved to Groningen was how young and fresh the city is – the youngest city in The Netherlands. Groningen really has the perfect mix of study life, nightlife, sports and student associations. The city is partly international and partly Dutch, you can choose which part you like the best, or you can go for the best of both worlds. Groningen is a very cosy city, in the summer, Noorderplantsoen is the place to be and during the winter the small pubs that serve special beers attracts many tired students. The city has a team for every sport, and also for some sports that do not really exist (underwater hockey?), so there is room for everyone. Groningen really is a great city to spend your student years, and it has given me an experience I will never forget.

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