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Nutifafa Yao Doumon, international alumni ambassador 2013-2014, Ghana

Nutifafa Yao Doumon

Country: Ghana
Program: Top master in Nanoscience
Contact :

Nutifafa holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Master of Science in Theoretical Physics. Urged on by the desire to move into experimental science and to contribute to the worldwide alarming energy situation and especially in his home country, he postulated to study in RUG in 2010 which saw him move to Groningen with a Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (ZIAM)’s scholarship for 2 years. Two years within which he managed to get his master degree in Nanoscience and also an MA in Leadership from the Honours College master programme. He speaks three languages, his mother tongue, Ewe, as well as French and English. While studying here, he held the position as the president of the African Students Community and also served on the GISP for the past two years. Studies not only brought him to Groningen but also sent him to Lomé in Togo and Abuja in Nigeria. He is currently at the department of Physics of the University of Ghana and also the RUG ambassador to Ghana and West Africa.

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