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Leonard Saragi, international alumni ambassador 2013-2014, Indonesia

Leonard Saragi

Country : Indonesia
Program : LL.M. International Economic and Business Law

About Groningen
Groningen consists of surprising elements, at least in my opinion. When I first set foot in Groningen, after a 16 hour long flight plus a train ride of 2-and-a-half hours, I was wondering if I would be studying in a remote village. But the opposite turned out to be true. I found the first few weeks of arrival was fun, thanks to the ESN Intro Week. I met and made many friends from various countries at ESN events I participated in. I was very pleased as well to find the good sporting facilities offered by ACLO. Not only could I play the sports that I have played in Indonesia (Volleyball and Futsal), but also I was able to learn new sports such as Squash and even Golf. Another surprising fact is that Groningen has the highest number of Indonesians students compared to any other city in the Netherlands. I think that’s one of the reasons I didn’t have to go back to Indonesia during the entire length of my program. I could easily find many Indonesian foods in the shops plus get help from other Indonesian friends. I highly recommend any Indonesian (or anybody, in general) to choose Groningen if they are about to study in the Netherlands. Just one advice before arriving in Groningen, hone your cycling skills (especially if you don’t have any), since Groningen is indeed a cycling city.

Leonard obtained his bachelor degree from University of Indonesia, majoring in Law in 2011. He was involved in many different types of organizations during his studies, both within and outside the college. After his graduation, he took some extra courses related to his interests in the legal field. Later, he worked for a law firm in Jakarta for 5 months before moving to the Netherlands to continue his studies.

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