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Tanzil Mahmud Arefin, international alumni ambassador 2012-2013, Bangladesh

Tanzil Mahmud Arefin

Name: Tanzil Mahmud Arefin

Home country: Bangladesh

Programme: Master of Science, Biomedical Engineering

Scholarship: CEMACUBE, Erasmus Mundus

Contact: tanzil.arefin

It was my dream to enroll in a Master project in a reputed university and University of Groningen is one of the best universities for Neuroscience in Europe.

About stuying in Groningen

To be a prominent researcher in the field of Biomedical Engineering, has been the acme of my career, where I want to see myself in the next few years. Neuroscience, one of the major fields of Biomedical Engineering, from the very beginning of my Master degree, attracted me so much that from that time onwards, it was my dream to enroll in a Master project in a reputed university and University of Groningen is one of the best universities for Neuroscience in Europe. This was the main reason for which I decided to study at Groningen.

During my studies, I have figured out so many outstanding features of this university: an excellent studying environment, the faculties, lab facilities, research facilities including a number of expert researchers, and other departments like the International Service Desk (I.S.D.), University Student Desk (U.S.D.), have made this university one of the leading and remarkable universities in Europe. No doubt, this university is capable of providing a top quality education. Studying at the University of Groningen, did not only allow me to get acquainted with advanced technologies, but also provided me a platform to meet people from different countries, culture and custom, which I consider as one of the best achievements of my life. I found my own way to communicate with them and the most important is that, I got the chance to break the barriers between different cultures through education.

I consider the last months in Groningen as some of the best moments of my life where I was able to come closer with the Dutch culture, custom, and people. I did never feel like a foreigner here as the people are really cordial, friendly, helpful, and open minded. Most importantly, there was no language barrier between me and my surroundings. Being an International Alumni Ambassador of RUG, I would like to spread the dazzling panorama of the University of Groningen among the incoming international community.


Tanzil Mahmud Arefin comes from Bangladesh, he studied the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Groningen. He completed his first year at Czech Technical University in Czech Republic. He previously worked as a telecommunication vendor. Now he will be starting his Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate program in Neural Engineering from October 2012 (Germany and France) and will be employed as a scientist at the Bernstein Center Freiburg, University of Freiburg, Germany and at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology, Strasbourg, France.
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