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Michelle Ayu Chinta Kristy, international alumni ambassador 2012-2013, Indonesia

Name: Michelle Ayu Chinta Kristy

Home country: Indonesia

Programme: LL.M. in International Economic and Business Law

Contact: michelle.a.c.kristy

I began to settle my choice at the University of Groningen since the second year of my bachelor study at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. I was attracted to take a master study in Groningen by its unique programme. The elaboration of the programme perfectly matches the academic curiosity embedded in my mind, i.e. finding the balance between the knowledge of international economic and business law.

About stuying in Groningen

There is one word which concludes my year in Groningen, i.e. family. Groningen is an international-student city which accommodates you with well-friendly and safe circumstances. Everybody is able to speak very good English and well-ready to welcome international students. The city can always show you a balance between your academic and personal life. University of Groningen provides you with various supportive programmes outside the academic curriculum, such as the international alumni ambassador programme. During my master study, I had the chance to represent University of Groningen in an international commercial arbitration moot in Vienna, being a public relation of Indonesian student association of Groningen, and being an international alumni ambassador for University of Groningen. By having this master year, my academic curiosity was answered as the high-quality academic-standard presented by the programme solidly enriched my knowledge. Besides, this master year in Groningen brought me everlasting friendship and new family around the world.


Michelle Ayu Chinta Kristy studied LL.M. in International Economic and Business Law at the University of Groningen. She was awarded by the Huygens Scholarship Programme, the prestigious and highly competitive scholarship funded by the Dutch Minister for Education, Culture, and Science, for completing her master year. Her interest is international trade law. Besides being a research assistant of the Center for World Trade Studies of Universitas Gadjah Mada, she currently manages an internship at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia for the WTO affairs in Geneva
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