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Mario Calderón Galdos, international alumni ambassador 2011-2012, Norway

Name : Mario Calderón Galdos

Country : Norway

Programme : Master of Science Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business

“After an incredible exchange semester in Groningen, I had no doubt that I wanted to come back to pursue a Master degree. In this vein, I decided to apply for the MSc in Marketing in 2009.”

About studying in Groningen

Certainly, after doing some research, my decision was driven by FEB’s academic credentials, vibrant student life and for being an English friendly city. After an incredible exchange semester in Groningen, I had no doubt that I wanted to come back to pursue a Master degree. In this vein, I decided to apply for the MSc in Marketing in 2009. I was convinced that I wanted to gain in-depth knowledge of the field I was passionate about. Undoubtedly, the Marketing department of the University of Groningen offers one of the finest MSc programmes in Marketing; therefore its choice was a rather natural decision

The programme stresses Marketing’s strategic role within companies. Indeed, throughout a rather quantitative marketing approach, the programme highlights Marketing’s current importance and contribution to companies’ success. Through the use of forward-looking tools and customer data analytics, the program taught us the importance of the so-called Marketing accountability. In addition, its balanced combination of research and practical oriented approach, allowed us to work with relevant cases in the field, and moreover to conduct our field research in topics such as pricing, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, among others.

Overall, the MSc Marketing programme was broad, challenging and up to date.

International network

The RUG enabled me to grow both at the professional and personal level. First, I’ve been able to enhance my self-awareness. In this line, I do feel confident regarding my skills and potential. Second, I’ve been able to broad my international network. Indeed, it is incredible how easily I can arrange reunions across different countries, and catch up with friends I met several years ago. Certainly, the education received in the FEB is long-lasting, and it will become the foundation for the achievement of my professional goals. Last but not least, the memories and experiences that defines me as person. Moments of my life that lead to identify what I really want to do for with my future.

The city

Groningen is known for being a student city. Throughout my stay in Groningen, I really enjoyed activities organized for the international community. In this vein, ESN Groningen’s trips and parties were the perfect place to mingle and meet other international students. Biking is one of the things I miss the most about Groningen. I do consider Groningen as a biking friendly city. In fact, it’s remarkable how bike-dependent you can become, and how easily you can reach every corner of Groningen only relying on the two-wheel best friend.  Although going abroad is a serious decision, if you have already considered Groningen as an option…you don’t have to think too much about it.  Groningen it is!


Mario Calderón Galdos studied Business Administration in Peru and a double Master degree in Marketing between the University of Groningen and BI Norwegian Business School.  He worked for several student associations, such as the MARUG Master team (The Netherlands) and InSA (Norway). He is passionate about the high-tech industry, and he is certainly committed to run his own start-up after gaining enough post-graduate experience. At the moment, he is graduated and is ready to kick-off his International career as a Marketer. As someone who possesses an international mindset, he enjoys travelling and meeting new people from all around the globe. As a natural consequence, he would certainly be living across different countries in the future.

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