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Alumni Talks Abroad

online meetings with alumni around the world

Twice a year the Alumni Office organises online workshops with alumni who are working abroad. The workshops are organised for current students and recent alumni who would wish to advance their career and live and work abroad.

Would you like to work abroad?
If your answer is yes, take the next step and talk to Groningen alumni who are already working around the world.

On 15 April 2021, 11 alumni will introduce themselves and share practical tips on working and living abroad.

Curious? Just sign up via Eventbrite. This is your chance to connect with an alum who works and lives abroad, learn from her/his personal career story and get tips on how to start a successful international career. For an overview of the participating alumni and date, please scroll down.

Practical information
Via Eventbrite you can register for a one hour online session with an alum abroad. A maximum of nice students can register for each session. It is first come, first served! So, don’t hesitate too long but instead, try to connect with an alum who works and lives in your favourite country.

Students can sign up for a maximum of 2 sessions.

Date: 15 April
Time: 12:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs
Location: online

Petra Langendijk-Genevaux
Petra Langendijk-Genevaux | 12.30 PM

Toulouse, Bioinformatician at CNRS, CNRS - Université de Toulouse
LinkedIn profile

Tobias Reiter
Tobias Reiter | 12.00 PM

Rwanda, Co-Founder & CEO, Viebeg
Linkedin profile

Kees Stiggelbout
Kees Stiggelbout |12.30 PM

Brussel, Blue Book Traineeship graduate, European Commision
Linkedin profile

Keshia Theobalt-van Gent
Keshia Theobalt-Van Gent | 20.00 PM

San Francisco, Director of US Programs, German Accelerator
LinkedIn profile

Jonathan Tavella
Johnathan Tavella | 20.00 PM

London, Account Executive, Key Accounts - Payments, Forrester
LinkedIn profile

Mart Duitemeijer
Mart Duitemeijer | 20.00 PM

Boston, Attaché for innovation, technology & science, Netherlands Innovation Network
Linkedin profile

Rosa Visscher
Rosa Visscher | 20.00 PM

Zurich, Doctoral Student, ETH Zurich
LinkedIn profile

Stephanie Kemna
Stephanie Kemna | 20.00 PM

Trontheim, Research Manager, Maritime Robotics
Linkedin profile

Arianne Sikken
Arianne Sikken | 20.00 PM

België, Press Office Trainee | French Teacher, Council of the European Union
LinkedIn profile

Jane van der Bor
Jane van der Bor | 20.00 PM

Hamburg, Content & Marketing Manager, Finc3 Commerce GmbH
LinkedIn profile

Julian Watkinson

Julian Watkinson | 20.00 PM

Bogota, Humanitarian Affairs Officer, United Nations OCHA
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