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Revive your old mobile phone - Closing the Loop!

30 juli 2015

Via a congress we had contact with Closing the Loop which is an organization busy with closing the cycle of mobile phones by making a purposeful products out of trash phones.

We as Green Office appreciated the initiative and decided to take up the project and implement it within the RUG. A project that aims at giving old phones a second chance to life. It is our goal to provide African and Asian people with access to technology by gathering old phones that students and staff members do not use anymore and send them to places where they are needed and where the latest phone generation is not important.

To this end, in the past months we have placed a green box at each faculty and at the libraries in order to raise awareness of our project and give the people the chance to “get rid of their old phones”. We hope some of you managed to detach for the old feelings you had for your phones and contribute towards a good cause.

We managed to get 69 old phones and devices which will be able to make a difference in someone elses hand.

We would like to thank to everyone who participated in this project!

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