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What is the International Classroom

In sum, the International Classroom (IC) involves curriculum development and development of required competencies for staff and students. At the University of Groningen, IC is approached as an institutional, organizational change process requiring changes at the personal, curriculum and institutional level.

Based on international research (Carroll 2015, Leask 2015, Green and Whitsed 2015), and results from pilot case studies in three faculties, key characteristics of IC the University of Groningen found are:

  • a group of students from diverse backgrounds (in culture, education, experience)
  • starting from a vision/rationale on internationalisation
  • working effectively with student and staff diversity through purposeful interaction
  • including the overall learning environment (formal, informal and hidden curriculum)
  • with appropriate support for staff and students in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

For further information about curriculum internationalization and principles of teaching and learning across cultures, and the work done by Betty Leask (2015), please see under resources.

For further information about tools for teaching an international classroom and the work done by Jude Carroll (2015), please see under resources.

For further information about case studies of the international classroom in different disciplines and the work done by Wendy Green and Craig Whitsed (2015), please see under resources.  

For further information about purposeful interaction and the work done by Kevin Haines (2016), please see under outcomes, publications.

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