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Project objectives

The International Classroom (IC) project (2013-2020) is focussed on the relevance of internationalisation in teaching and learning. The project provides a systematic, coherent approach with appropriate resources for all faculties. The overall aim is to enable staff and students to further internationalise their curricula and their teaching and learning environment.

Project activities are part of a longer-term, tailor-made process to develop and implement the international classroom in all faculties. Activities focus on facilitating and supporting the different stakeholders (programme co-ordinators, teachers, students and support staff), developing expertise, and providing a platform for sharing good practices.

The aim is to embed the international classroom in a majority of bachelor and master programs. The deliverables are: internationalized learning outcomes based on a programme vision on internationalization/graduate profile, aligned in teaching, learning (content and form) and assessment, engaging staff and students, using diversity as a resource. The deliverables will result in continuous, innovative, high-quality education, contributing to UG’s international reputation.

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