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In Science - Podcast

In Science is the University of Groningen podcast where we interview researchers and bring you the latest news and reports from the academic community in Groningen. At the moment all our episodes are recorded in Dutch, but we're planning on recording in English as well. You can listen to In Science on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher or directly through our RSS feed. Subscribe and don't miss a single episode!

Got a question or a suggestion for an interesting topic? Mail us at podcast or text us on WhatsApp: 06-49230111.

In Science: Episode 10- Amina Helmi

Our guest this episode is Amina Helmi, Professor of Dynamics, Structure and Formation of the Milky Way. Her research focuses on the history and the formation of our Milky Way. She and her team discovered that about 10 billion years ago the Milky Way merged with a large galaxy. October 2018 she published her findings in an article in Nature. On Friday 21 June the NWO announced that Amina Helmi will receive the Spinoza Prize 2019, the highest Dutch award in science. Wim Brons and Arjen Dijkstra interview her about the research and also on what receiving the Spinoza award means to her.

In Science Podcast - Episode 10- Amina Helmi

Previous episodes (all in Dutch):

  • Episode 9: Our guest is Steffie van der Steen. Her research concerns animal-assisted therapy and she tries to determine if this therapy really is working and if so, why does it work?
  • Episode 8: Professor Casper Albers is interviewed by Wim Brons and Nanna Hilton about the use of applied statistics in the media, fact checking and more.
  • Episode 7: Katherine Stroebe & Tom Postmes discuss their research on the effects of earthquakes as a results of gas extraction on the health of people in the region.
  • Episode 6: Professor Peter Verhoef on the effects of the platform economy.
  • Episode 5: Wim and Nanna interview Anton Scheurink, professor Neuroendocrinology about Anorexia and addiction.
  • Episode 4: Niels Taatgen is interviewed on the latest developments in AI and the new CogniGron institute.
  • Episode 3: Marthe Walvoort talks about her research on sugar and the effects on health and illness.
  • Episode 2: Marie José van Tol on the use of cognitive therapy in preventing depression relapse.
  • Episode 1: In the 1st episode Mickel Hansen is interviewed on being part of the doing ground breaking research as part of the Ben Feringa group.
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