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Molecular Biophysics post-doc Adéla Melcrova wins prestigious Czech Prize
Date:13 November 2019

Molecular Biophysics post-doc Adéla Melcrova wins prestigious Czech Prize

Two winners Pieter Boekeprijs
Date:12 November 2019

For the first time in the history of the Pieter Boekeprijs there are two winners: Suzy Matthijssen and David van den Berg

Marie Curie ITN project KnowGraphs: 2 PhD positions available
Date:12 November 2019

Just before the summer, our faculty received the good news that the two Marie Curie ITN projects submitted by the Security, Technology and e-Privacy (STeP) research group in January 2019 have been awarded.

Emeritus Professor Douwe Draaisma: ‘I’m a sucker for a good story’
Date:12 November 2019

Douwe Draaisma has written books explaining why life speeds up as you get older. Now, as he settles into retirement, he gets to experience the phenomenon first hand. Mathijs Deen travelled to Texel to meet up with the autobiographical memory expert, whose attitude to his own aging process is optimistic. He reckons he still has few books left in him.

Can we use silence to change public opinion?
Date:11 November 2019

Social psychologist Namkje Koudenburg (1986) has received an Early Career Award from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). The award is intended for young researchers so that they can further develop their original research ideas. Koudenburg examines the impact of conversational microdynamics on public opinion.

Astronomers map new emission line to trace most common molecule in the Universe
Date:07 November 2019

Molecular hydrogen (H2) makes up 99% of the cold dense gas in galaxies. So mapping where stars are born basically means measuring H2, which lacks a strong characteristic signature at low temperatures. Astronomers from SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research and the University of Groningen have now mapped an emission signal from the trace molecule hydrogen fluoride (HF), in a place where the standard trace molecule carbon monoxide is absent.

iGEM 2019: team UG wins gold medal
Date:06 November 2019

Winning a gold medal means that the team has performed exceptionally well with their project.

Research Data Management Awareness workshops
Date:06 November 2019

Research Data Office: Research Data Management Awareness workshops

Minder kansen op werkzekerheid aan de randen van Nederland
Date:06 November 2019

In de regio’s aan de randen van Nederland hebben starters op de arbeidsmarkt minder kans op het vinden en behouden van een baan dan vergelijkbare personen in de rest van het land. Dat geldt ook voor voormalig werklozen uit die regio’s. Voor een deel ligt dat aan regionale omstandigheden, die zich buiten de invloedsfeer van werkzoekenden bevinden.

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