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Europeana Research Grant awarded to Berber Hagedoorn
Date:21 November 2018

Berber Hagedoorn, Assistant Professor Media Studies at the University of Groningen Centre for Media and Journalism Studies, received the Europeana Research Grant award for her project 'Europeana 1914-1918: AV Storytelling Data in a European Comparative Perspective'.

Self-managing teams do not create more equality among colleagues
Date:21 November 2018

Reducing or even removing formal leadership does not lead to more equality within self-managing teams as formal leadership tends to be replaced with a stronger informal hierarchy. To ensure that team members can collaborate, a leader must instead offer a clear structure, so that team members need not fight over leadership. These are the conclusions of University of Groningen researchers Jacoba Oedzes, Gerben van der Vegt and Floor Rink and their colleague Frank Walter from the Justus Liebig University Giessen. They have published their findings in the Journal of Organizational Behavior.

The revolution of Do-It-Yourself research in the University Museum
Date:21 November 2018

Science is only for scientists? The touring ‘Beyond the Lab’ exhibition tells seven stories about people who opened up scientific research to everyone.

14 DEC | Conference on Migration and Development: Towards a common agenda for Africa and Europe? Opportunities and obstacles
Date:21 November 2018

Migration, climate change, insecurity and inequality strongly affect countries in Africa as well as in Europe. Is it possible to tackle these issues through a common agenda based on shared interests?

Sick from a broken heart
Date:20 November 2018

Heartache. We have all suffered from it at some point in time. The break-up of a relationship has a big impact, and can even lead to depression. But why does that happen to some people and not to others? Understanding heartache can help us better understand depression

Berend Roorda: 'Als je tegen Poetin of Trump wil demonstreren, wil je dat doen op de dag dat diegene er is'
Date:20 November 2018

Demonstraties bij de intocht van Sinterklaas. VVD-fractievoorzitter Klaas Dijkhoff wil dat er een einde aan komt. Hij vindt dat burgemeesters het demonstreren moeten verbieden in de periode van de intocht tot aan het sinterklaasfeest.

Movie screening "Paywall. The business of scholarship"
Date:20 November 2018

Screening: Paywall. The business of scholarschip 21 November

Annemarie Heite awarded the Ubbo Emmius Badge
Date:20 November 2018

On 15 November, Annemarie Heite was awarded the Ubbo Emmius Badge in the Aula of the Academy Building. The UG alumna received the badge for her unique contribution to making a broad audience aware of the earthquake problems in and around the Groningen gas field due to gas production.

Common workplace health promotion tactics may increase weight stigma and discrimination
Date:20 November 2018

Workplace health promotion programs often emphasize personal responsibility for weight loss. However, this approach can have detrimental effects for employees with obesity. These include increased workplace weight stigma and weight discrimination. Worryingly, such programs also resulted in a catch-22 where employees feel increasingly responsible for their weight but less in control of it. Focusing on an employer’s responsibility to maintain their employees’ health did not produce these negative effects, and could be a viable alternative.

Prof. Dirk Slotboom wins FSE Teaching Award 2017
Date:20 November 2018

On the Education Day of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the winner of the Faculty Teaching Award 2017 was revealed: Prof. Dirk Slotboom has been chosen as FSE’s teacher of the year 2017.

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