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Economic growth can be stimulated by imposing higher taxes on capital, especially in wealthy countries
Date:17 June 2019

Taxes influence the behaviour of individuals and therefore also influence the economy as a whole. Economists and policymakers often assume that these effects are the same everywhere. If a certain tax influences the economy of one country positively, it is expected that this tax will have the same effect in another country.

Christiaan Triebert Alumnus of the Year 2018
Date:15 June 2019

Christiaan Triebert is the new Alumnus of the Year of the University of Groningen. He is awarded the prize for his contribution to innovative investigative journalism. Triebert (1991) is affiliated with the research groups of Bellingcat, Airways and the New York Times.

Small steps, big leaps – how marram grass builds dunes
Date:14 June 2019

The size and shape of dunes varies greatly around the world: in Europe they're tall and narrow, while in the US they're low and wide. A new study has found that this is partly because dunes are constructed by plants with different ‘movement strategies’ determining the shape of the dune. The study was carried out by ecologists from Radboud University, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) and the University of Groningen. The findings, which will be published in Nature Communications on 14 June, could be useful for coastal landscape rehabilitation projects.

2020 Dirk Smilde Fellowship and Research Seminar
Date:14 June 2019

The Qumran Institute at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Groningen is very pleased to announce the 2020 Dirk Smilde Fellow, Annette Yoshiko Reed.

Vier RUG-wetenschappers verzorgen college op Oerol
Date:14 June 2019

RUG-wetenschappers Tjisse van der Heide, Frans Sijtsma, Marleen Kamperman en Han Thomas Adriaenssen vertellen op Oerol 2019 over hun eigen vakgebied tijdens de Oerolcolleges.

Using waves to move droplets
Date:14 June 2019

Self-cleaning surfaces and laboratories on a chip become even more efficient if we are able to control individual droplets. University of Groningen professor Patrick Onck, together with colleagues from Eindhoven University of Technology, have shown that this is possible by using a technique known as mechanowetting.

Prof. Dirk Strijker to receive Royal Decoration
Date:13 June 2019

On Thursday 13 June, Prof. D. Strijker was appointed Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau. The Mayor of Aa en Hunze T. Baas presented the award in the Blue Room of the Duisenberg Building.

Photo report Pint of Science
Date:13 June 2019

An interesting lecture in your own local pub, which lasts about one beer long. That was the scientific pub crawl, called Pint of Science. 15 Study associations were organizing short lectures in different pubs in the city centre of Groningen.

Zito Ysenbaert winner of Gerrit Krol Award 2019
Date:13 June 2019

Zito Ysenbaert is the first winner of the Gerrit Krol Award, the University of Groningen (UG) essay competition.

61 million euros for social and scientific breakthroughs
Date:13 June 2019

More than 200 researchers and their teams can begin to work on social and scientific issues in close collaboration with public and private parties. This close collaboration will take place in 17 research projects.

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