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No arguing: it’s time to relax
Date:22 October 2019

Thanks to the smartphone, these days we keep our work on the kitchen table or bedside table. The boundary between work and private life is steadily fading. This is a cause for concern, says Jessica de Bloom, who thinks that we should be using our leisure time to recover from the pressures of work. But the occupational health psychologist at the University of Groningen also acknowledges that this is easier said than done. Even in this remote, primitive Finnish log cabin, she cannot resist the odd furtive glance at her mailbox.

Bijzondere Collecties op de Dag van de Groninger Geschiedenis
Date:22 October 2019

De afdeling Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteitsbibliotheek Groningen was prominent aanwezig op de Dag van de Groninger Geschiedenis 2019. Op dezelfde dag won RUG-studente geschiedenis Elvira Ambrosius de publieksprijs van de Scriptieprijs Groninger Geschiedenis met haar scriptie waarvoor ze dankbaar gebruik maakte van de digitale collecties van de UB.

New Journal in UGP: Zeitschrift für philosophische Literatur
Date:21 October 2019

New Journal in UGP: Zeitschrift für philosophische Literatur

TopMaster Nanoscience students of the 2017-2019 cohort graduated successfully
Date:18 October 2019

TopMaster Nanoscience students of the 2017-2019 cohort graduated successfully

iGEM 2019: Team Groningen develops a biological QR-code
Date:17 October 2019

The team developed a protocol to share delicate information via a biological QR-code.

Double layer of graphene helps to control spin currents
Date:17 October 2019

University of Groningen scientists have now taken an important step towards transistors that operate using the spin of electrons, rather than their charge.

Winners PhD Grants Sustainable Society
Date:16 October 2019

To stimulate young researchers to work on societal challenges, UG's societal theme Sustainable Society, provided PhDs the opportunity to apply their research proposal for an European or Intercontinental grant up to € 2500,-. The winners have now been announced.

Climate change upsets reproduction in Arctic ecosystem
Date:16 October 2019

Climate change is more than ‘just’ warming. It also means increasing variation in weather conditions and greater extremes. The consequences of these changes for ecosystems at high latitudes became clear in the summers of 2018 and 2019. In the summer of 2018, the North Pole tundra was covered by unusually large amounts of snow, as a result of which all plant and animal species, large and small, had great trouble reproducing. A new study by Danish, Dutch and Finnish ecologists and climatologists, including UG researcher Jeroen Reneerkens, documented this phenomenon. And in contrast to the abundance of snow in 2018, last summer saw virtually no snow.

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