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The Curaçao cohort studies

An analysis of the implementation of combination antiretroviral therapy in Curaçao
PhD ceremony:Ms H.S. (Hillegonda) de Groot-Hermanides
When:January 07, 2015
Supervisors:Prof. A.J. Duits, Prof. F. de Wolf
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Medical Sciences / UMCG
The Curaçao cohort studies

This thesis provides a detailed description of the HIV-1 epidemic and treatment ofHIV-1 infected individuals in Curaçao. We conclude that the immunological, virological and clinical responses to cART in Curaçao are sub-optimal due tolate cART initiation and low rates of retention in care. Given the results presented in this thesis, we suggest creating a HIV care model aimed at maximizing the therapeutic and preventive effects of cART by focusing on early identification of HIV-1 infection followed by immediate cART initiation with life-long monitoring. Importantly, these strategies require the integration of HIV care into primary health care provision in Curaçao and tasks shifting from infectious disease medical specialists to general practitioners.