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Business card

The standard business card has a Dutch side (white) and an English side (red).

example of a business card
example of a business card

Variations are available, however:

Home address?

  • Variation 1 – replace visiting address with home address, listed as ‘privé’ (NL) or ‘home’ (EN).
  • Variation 2 – Single-language version of the card. Option to have home address printed on the back ( see business card instructions , examples 2, 3 and 5).

More than one job title?

To make room, the various phone and fax numbers are printed on the same line. This leaves room for more than one job title below the name and allows for two web addresses to be included ( see business card instructions , example 4).

Addition of ‘Founded in 1614’

The English version can include the text ‘founded in 1614’ ( see business card instructions , example 1).

Titles in English

An overview of the accepted titles and job titles is available. British or American terms can be chosen from the list, in accordance with the user’s contacts.  

Business cards for University of Groningen students

University of Groningen Students can also have business cards made. This is useful for students who are doing a placement abroad, for example. The card will always clearly state that this is a student ( see business card instructions , example 6). Students can only order these business cards through the secretariat of their own faculty.


Business cards can be ordered from the University Services Department via U-order.

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