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Ordering printouts and printed matter

The University has outsourced the production of printouts and printed matter to Ricoh/Zalsman. This means that staff members can only order from Ricoh/Zalsman and not from other suppliers.

You can order printouts and printed matter in the U-order printout and printed matter shop (log on at the top right first!). Options include standardized products such as envelopes, stationery, and business cards. You can also upload files yourself and then place an order.

There are specific instructions for printing flyers or posters made in DotOffice.

Instructions for printing flyers and poster created with DotOffice via U-order
  • Select a flyer or poster
  • Select a format (flyer or poster with margins)
  • Name the file and upload the document
  • Select the number of copies you want
  • Select the type of paper
  • Select whether you want it printed in colour or black and white
  • Select the orientation (portrait or landscape)

Flyers and posters are usually printed with margins. In the case of flyers, it is not possible to cut away the margins; however, this is possible for posters.

To have the margins of the poster cut away:

  • Go to special instructions and select the option of removing the margins.
  • Confirm the preview

The costs for this print job will be in the bottom left of your screen.

What if you want to go to the U-order page, but find yourself on an Xpression Manager page? Once you have accepted the conditions, you will automatically proceed to the printout and printed matter shop.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ricoh/Zalsman.

Last modified:25 October 2022 12.00 p.m.
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