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The house style includes designs for simple black-and-white posters (with or without images) and full-colour posters. The black-and-white posters can be produced internally, using the Georgia and Verdana typefaces. There is a guideline for designers for the full-colour posters. There are also examples of posters in series and of academic posters. See instructions.

examples of posters
examples of posters

Black-and-white poster (internal)

The simple poster is designed at A4 size and can easily be enlarged to A3 or A2 size or even bigger. The poster can also be printed on coloured paper. The paper must be in one of the house style colours, i.e. white, red, cyan or ‘tinted’ versions of these colours. See  examples for black-and-white posters and instructions.  

Full-colour poster (external)

Posters should preferably be printed in full colour. A two-colour option is also available, if necessary. Two-colour posters are printed with PMS 186 (red) and Process Cyan. See examples for full-colour posters and instructions.

Poster series

Sometimes a particular subject will have one main poster from which a series of posters is derived. For example, a poster about an exam training course with a series of posters about exam training courses in specific subjects. There are various options, such as posters with images that are cropped in different ways for each poster, or posters without images but with a colour variation for each poster.

  • If an image is used, the main poster should have the clearest version of this image. On subsequent posters, the image can be scaled, mirrored and/or cropped. This generates a new image that is clearly related to the original (instructions/example).
  • Another possibility is for the colours to vary, with the main image remaining the same. The colour change generates a different feel for each poster (instructions/example instructions/example).
  • The colour change can also be applied to specific parts of the poster, such as the slash (instructions/example).
  • If the poster contains no images, variations on the colour scheme can be used (instructions/example).
  • Variation can also be achieved by using a separate image that links the different posters (instructions/example).
example of a poster serie
example of a poster serie
example of an academic poster
example of an academic poster

Academic poster

A number of designs have also been made for academic posters. These posters have plenty of room for text and images. Examples are available in landscape format and portrait format.

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