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Previous events

Events 2021

New Year's Event about Investments

YoungRUG New Year's Lecture about Investments!

Our first digital event of 2021 to start the new year! On the 27 of January the New Year's lecture took place to learn more about investments! Are you curious to know what investments are? Did you manage to save money during the lockdown, because you couldn't go to your favourite bar or have dinner at an exclusive restaurant? Do you look for other opportunities than keep your money on your saving account?

During our New Year's lecture Dr. Lammertjan Dam from the Faculty of Economics and Business will talk about investments and provide you with some tips. You don't want to miss this!

When: January 27, 16.00 - 17.00 hrs

Where: From your comfortable home (Bring your own beer)

For Who: Young RUG support staff and YoungRUG relations

The Compliment Day, March 1st!

YoungRUG Compliment Day

The most positive day of 2021 is coming up: YoungRUG Compliment Day!

It is almost a year ago that the COVID-pandemic started, but it is not keeping us from staying positive! Especially, in these weird times, it is important to give a digital compliment, heartfelt message or sign of appreciation to your fellow colleagues. Work happiness has never been more important!

When: March 1st 2021

How to submit your compliment:

Create your unique compliment of maximum 200 characters (in any language you prefer) using this form. Fill out which colleague you want to give a compliment and submit! The compliment can also be sent anonymously.

YoungRUG Compliment Day is completely Corona-proof, without any physical compliment card, but with the same feeling of surprise! The compliments will be sent digitally on 1 March 2021.

Please send in your compliment before 26 February 2021, 23:59 hrs.

The YoungRUG Music Bingo!

YoungRUG's online Music Bingo!

Does Bingo sound like music to your ears? Do you feel that Bingo has a nice ring to it? Are you a fan of playing Bingo and do you love music? Then you must be pleased to hear YoungRUG is organising a Music Bingo! Join us on Thursday, February 18 for this fun event. Laughter and (fake bingo) singing guaranteed!


During the Music Bingo we will play the classic Bingo, but not with numbers and balls, with music and bands. Your hosts will make sure you will be entertained for the entire evening.

When: Thursday, February 18, 19.30 hrs - 21.30 hrs

Where: From your comfortable home

For Who: Young RUG support staff

YoungRUG PubQuiz

YoungRUG PubQuiz

On the 18th of March, YoungRUG will be organizing a pub quiz! Since we cannot go to the pub, we will take the pub to you!

Café de Toeter will be our online host for the night and they will challenge you and your colleagues to explore your knowledge. Be aware that there will also be some University related questions, so choose your teammates wisely. The winning team will be awarded with a price and eternal glory! (In order to be eligible for the price, your team should consist of a maximum of five team members.)

When: 18th of March

Time: 20.00 - 21.30 hrs

Where: Your home - or any location you prefer

Registration: via this link! - deadline for registration is the 14th of March

Please note: If you are participating in a team, make sure that every member fills in the registration form, so that we know how many participants there are. In the registration form you can then fill in your chosen team name.

Don't worry if you do not have team yet! You are more than welcome to fill in the registration form as well. We will check if you can be added to another team! It is also fine if you want to take everybody on by yourself.

Events 2020

The Cheesecake Bake-Off

The YoungRUG Cheesecake Bake Off


In these challenging times where we are constantly online and having video calls with our colleagues, friends and occasionally attending an exciting pub quiz her and there.. It is time to explore all options and add something new to the list. Well, we got you covered!

Shout out to all you kitchen geniuses, sweet tooths and master chefs! It is your time to shine as YoungRUG will organise the YoungRUG Cheesecake Bake Off!

Online you say? Yes online!

On Wednesday December 16, 2020 from 3 until 5 pm our very own master chef Shaya Abdolahzadeh will take us on a journey in creating the best cheesecake EVER during this two-hour workshop. We will make sure it is going to be very festive and needles to say; very jummy! Please find everything you need in order to participate at the bottom of this email.

Since we cannot organise a live workshop and gather all materials for you, we have a little surprise as all of the attendees will receive a €10,- giftcard from Hema sent to your home afterwards. Nice huh?!

Please note that you will need a working camera as we would love to see everyone working on screen. Register as quickly as you can via the button below. There are only 25 spots available!

4 Mijl Championship

4 Mijl YoungRUG's Championship October 2020

The ‘Menzis 4 Mijl’ goes virtual this year! This is an unique opportunity to attend this special edition of the 4 Mijl. YoungRUG wants to make this event even more special and organizes their own competition within the ’Menzis 4 Mijl’.

Are you a runner? Join the ‘Menzis 4 mijl’ and sign up for the YoungRUG competition. Not a runner? No problem, you do not necessarily need to run in this YoungRUG’s 4 Mijl edition, read further if you’re interested in joining the 4 Mijl YoungRUG Championship!

We think this is a wonderful opportunity to make this event accessible for everyone. You can always run the 4 Mijl to achieve a personal record by running as fast a possible, but we added another category of most original other way of completing the 4 Mijl. In addition, we have the category of most amazing outfit! Choose how you would like to participate and sign up now!


* The fastest time of completion by running (Registration at official 4 Mijl event is necessary)

* The Best Outfit (Registration at official 4 Mijl event is necessary)

* Most unique way of completing the 4 Mijl (registration at the 4 Mijl event is not necessary)

Location: Choose yourself! (at least make the distance of 4 miles which is 6,4 km)

Duration : You can choose your wave during the day between 09.00h and 19.30h

Date: 11 October 2020

Anyone can join the YoungRUG 4 Mijl Championship, sign up before October 8th!

For the winner of each category you can win a YoungRUG Champions Cup!

How to join the YoungRUG 4 Mijl Championship?

* Only when you intend to run the 4 Mijl:

a) Make sure you register at the 4 Mijl website and follow the instructions on their website

b) Download the MyTrace app ( Google play store or App store ) and activate your MyTrace ID.

* Sign up by using the following link to join the YoungRUG Championship (before October 8th) .

* After your registration we will inform you how to upload your 4 Mijl track and photo and/or video’s.

* Send in a screenshot of the My Trace app or other sports trackers as a proof and include a picture/video from your race on October 11th. Optional: post your 4 Mijl on your own sports tracker app (Strava, NikeRunClub, etc.) or other social media using #YoungRUG4mijl and tag young.rug

* On Monday October 12th the winners of each category will be announced.

Career and Development Event

Career and Development Event: Be the Master of Your own Jounrey - October 2020

On 19-22 of October YoungRUG will be hosting the fourth edition of our successful Career & Development Event! Join us to start building a strong foundation for the future! After the suspension of this event in March, due to Corona measures, the Career and Development event will take place completely online in October!

This year YoungRUG offers an online program focused on career path development. We will host three online introductory workshops. Only a limited number of places are available per workshop and you can only join one of them so sign up now!


Monday 19 October, 16.00 - 17.00 HR coaching sessions (full)

Tuesday 20 October, 15.00 -16.00 Workshop: ‘Create your own career - Covey style’ (full)

Thursday 22 October, 15.00 - 16.00 Workshop: ‘Enjoying your job’

Thursday 22 October, 15.00 - 16.00 Workshop: ‘Present with impact’

Title: 'Create your Career - Covey Style' by Mardi Bijleveld

Date & Time: 20-10-2020, 15:00 - 16:00

“Do you feel a lack of control on your career and do you want it to be more meaningful? Do you want to be inspired by the one who has the keys? Who acknowledges what a challenge the keys can be to use? Feel welcome! In this workshop we will be inspired by Stephen Covey. We will focus on his three most important principles for a fulfilling career and life. And we will have a bit of practical training and a good laugh, because let’s face it: there’s no creation without a little fun.”

Title: 'Enjoying your job' by Jan Pieter Weening

“If you like your job it makes life much easier. In this workshop we will discuss what makes work enjoyable and what doesn’t. We will explore questions like what makes you go home after work with the feeling: that was a really good one?”

Workshop:'Present with impact' by Eva Pantelakis

“When you give a presentation you communicate in three different ways. With words, sounds and body language. In this interactive workshop you will get insights and practical tips on how to present yourself with more impact. A skill useful at presentations, job interviews and even at parties!”

HR coaching sessions

During the coaching sessions you have the opportunity to talk to a coach. Coaches can help you deal with questions such as: what is the next step in my career? How do I achieve a suitable work-life balance? How do I become more confident? Book a coaching session with your registration and discuss your question(s) with one of the coaches. Limited places available!

Online Event "Leiderschap in crisistijd" July 2020

Online event: "Leiderschap in crisistijd" July 2020

Online event: "Leiderschap in crisistijd"

(The spoken language of this event is Dutch)

Even in times of crisis we continue with events. This time YoungRUG and Younglink organize an online event together on Thursday July 2nd. The topic of this event is: 'Leiderschap in crisistijd'. We ask Janka Stoker, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change, which leadership styles work best and why, but also what we as young professionals can improve in our work in these times. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and we have a little suprise for you...!

Did you miss this event the event or do you want to see the recording of the event, check the following page!

The YoungRUG Home Games July 2020

The YoungRUG Home Games - July 2020


Are you in for some challenges with your UG colleagues? Are you (a little) competitive or do you just want some fun from the safety of your home? Then, sign up for YoungRUG's upcoming event! We admit, no one will feel very special for staying home this summer, but if you are ready for some action (from home), this is even more reason to attend this event! Find up to three colleagues to be part of your dream team and sign up for this event (individual sign up is also possible)!


During the week of 6-10 July, you can take part in the YoungRUG Home Games, together with your team of UG colleagues.

What to expect?

Every day you will get another challenge, which only takes up to 15-30 minutes of your time (or longer depending on your creativity...). Shortly after working hours on Monday 6 July, we will have a plenary opening and we will start the week with challenge number 1. In total, you will get five challenges during the week. Credits are awarded to every team for each completed challenge. It is good to keep in mind; credits are highly rewarded for your creativity! After each challenge, you will be updated via social media about the score between the teams. Friday afternoon, 10 July, after the last challenge, we will have online drinks (bring your own beer) with all the competing teams and the announcement of the winning team!

What is in it for you?

Do not underestimate the prize; this is a real trophy to brighten up your home office and a useful accessory for current times!

How to sign up?

Sign up by using the link below before 30 June and save time during the week of 6-10 July. All UG employees are very welcome to attend! In the online form, it is possible to sign up with team members. Didn't find your dream team yet? Sign up individually and we will make sure you are placed in a fantastic team!

Further instructions will follow after registration, one week before the start of the event!

Mentorprogramme May 2020

Mentor programme May 2020


Unfortunately, the registration for our mentor programme 2020 is now closed.

Do you wish to learn from the experience of others on topics such as life-work balance, career path or stress management (...and many more)?

Mentor programme

Last year, the University of Groningen (UG) mentor programme for support staff was set up by YoungRUG in cooperation with HR. The first pilot-year proved to be very successful! Mentor-mentee couples followed an inspirational journey of professional development. Read more about it in this article (in Dutch). A mentor (senior colleague, can be in every sense of the name) provides advice based on his or her own personal experience and expertise. As a junior colleague (when you are relatively new to the job market or new to the UG), you can learn a lot from a mentor and get inspired for your career!

Online events

To find the perfect match for you, you will arrange professional speeddate sessions online, where you can get to know several mentors. In addition, we will organize an information event (also online), where you will receive more information about the programme and expectations. If you wish to become a mentee, you have to be available for both the information event on 12 May from 16.00 until 17.00 hrs and for three online meetings of 10-15 minutes with potential mentors in the week of 18 May. We hope to continue the mentor programme with physical meetings when the situation allows us to.

* Information event

12 May, we want to inform you further about what to expect from the mentor programme! You will meet fellow (junior) colleagues, get tips & tricks from HR and will view an enthusiastic presentation from mentor-mentee couple Niels Rambags and Wietske Degen, who participated in the mentor programme last year! The information event will be held from 16.00 until 17.00 hrs. A link to the online meeting will follow after you signed up for the event.

* Speeddate sessions

Based on the information you provide in the questionnaire when signing up, we will make three potential mentor-mentee matches.. We will inform you about your potential mentors in due time, so that you can set up online meetings (around 10-15 minutes each) with these mentors in the week of 18 May. At the end of that week, we ask you to indicate a top-3 and we will inform you about your perfect match the week after! After the most successful match is made, you and your mentor make appointments to meet each other yourselves.

Did you get enthusiastic about the mentor programme? And are you available for the information event on 12 May, the speeddate sessions in the week of 18 May and until December for about five coaching sessions with a mentor? The first step is to sign up here before 5 May !

Please note that there is a limited number of mentors and application is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sign up soon, if you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to get advice from a mentor!

Finally, because YoungRUG and HR work very hard to ensure a good match between mentors and mentees, be aware that once you sign up for this mentor programme you can no longer cancel your attendance (unless with a very good reason, of course). We will close the sign-up form once the maximum number of mentees has been reached. You can sign up for a waiting list by sending an email to .

We are looking forward to the second cycle of this mentor programme and hope to meet you on 12 May!

--> While you can still sign up as mentee before 5 May, it is no longer possible to sign up as a mentor. For information for mentors, please see below.


Next event in April/May 2021

Becoming a mentor

Would you like to share the knowledge and experience that you’ve gained over the years with others? Would you like to get to know your colleagues better and offer them guidance? Then mentorship could be for you! As a mentor, you discuss the challenges that your mentee is facing in their career and you offer advice on the basis of personal experiences. Mentors are always colleagues from a different department than that to which their mentees belong and are one step ahead of their mentees in their career paths.

In 2019, YoungRUG and the HR department began a pilot programme in mentoring for support staff. This was a huge success and this year, we are starting a new round. To this end, we are looking for new mentors.

We expect the following from you as a mentor:

* At least five years’ worth of working experience within the UG

* A desire to share your own experiences and insights with others

* Availability during the workshop for mentors (digitally, in the afternoon on 31 March or 9 April) and during the speed-dating week for three 10-minute-video meetings from 18-22 May

* Time for around five meetings with your mentee over the course of half a year

* That, together with your mentee, you will take care of the content of your meetings depending on your own needs

We are offering mentors the following:

* A workshop on 31 March or 9 April in the afternoon, in which you become acquainted with what the role of a mentor comprises

* A speed-dating week from 18-22 May, during which you talk to three potential mentees via video conferencing, for 10 minutes each

* Finally, one mentee who you will guide from June to December 2020

More information?

If you wish to show your interest in becoming a mentor or mentee in the next round of the mentor programme - that will start around April/May 2021 -please send an email to Jildou Spoelstra:

Corona Compliments May 2020

Corona Compliments May 2020

YoungRUG also tries to find its place in these strange and challenging times. Due to the Corona crisis, we have to organize our work differently, work from home and meet our colleagues mainly via Google hangout. Our work happiness has never been more important! Unfortunately, loneliness and despondency are lurking. YoungRUG believes that an extra boost to cheer you up may help to restore the balance in your life.

Therefore, we give you Corona Compliments!

Inspired by the annual YoungRUG Compliment Day, YoungRUG has devised a spontaneous and heartwarming event for some well-deserved positivity. You have the opportunity to send a digital compliment or heartfelt message to one or more colleagues. The event is completely corona-proof, without any physical compliment cards, but with the same feeling of surprise!

You have until 27 May, 23:59 hrs, to send in your Corona Compliment. YoungRUG will make sure it will be sent to your colleague(s).

Last but not least, a shout out to all of you: you are amazing! Together we are strong!

Quarterly drinks March 2020

Quarterly drinks March 2020

Every three months, YoungRUG hosts a social: the quarterly drinks! The drinks take place on Thursdays. You have the opportunity to get to know YoungRUG and what we have to offer, in an informal setting. Registration is never needed for quarterly drinks, just drop by!

On 5 March, the second edition of the quarterly drinks was organized at café Wolthoorn & Co. Many colleagues joined and the first drink was on YoungRUG!

Compliment Day March 2020

Compliment Day March 2020

YoungRUG believes appreciation is essential on the work floor and it is also highly responsible for our happiness at work. Therefore, we celebrated YoungRUG Compliment Day on 2 March 2020!

You could send in your unique compliment beforehand and on this Compliment Day, YoungRUG made sure that the compliment was delivered, including a little present, to your colleague(s). Free of charge! How perfect is that?!

New Year's Event 2020

New Year's Event 2020

YoungRUG organized an empowering New Year's Event to survive Blue Monday!

We started the afternoon with an interactive lecture by Dr Marieke van Vugt, where a scientific and practical perspective on mindfulness was discussed. After the lecture, together we toasted to the New Year with drinks! The event was held in Land van Kokanje.

Events 2019

Quarterly Drinks

Quarterly Drinks December 2029

Every three months, YoungRUG hosts a social: the quarterly drinks! The drinks take place on Thursdays. You have the opportunity to get to know YoungRUG and what we have to offer, in an informal setting. Registration is never needed for quarterly drinks, just drop by!

On 12 December, the first edition of the Quarterly Drinks was organized at café de Bres! De Bres was the perfect location for the drinks, as it is located right in between Zernike and the city centre! We were happy that there was quite a good turnout for this first edition of the Quarterly Drinks!

YoungRUG on tour goes to... the UB!

Welcome Back! Activity and BBQ

Thursday 19 September 2019

We welcomed everyone back from their holidays and celebrated the start of the new academic year. We did this by completing a survival track At Hommes Survival & Outdoor Survivalbaan Zernike in the afternoon. In the evening, we organized a BBQ at the Zernike Campus.

Welcome back BBQ

Welcome Back! Activity and BBQ

Thursday 19 September 2019

We welcomed everyone back from their holidays and celebrated the start of the new academic year. We did this by completing a survival track At Hommes Survival & Outdoor Survivalbaan Zernike in the afternoon. In the evening, we organized a BBQ at the Zernike Campus.

Earlier events

For events that took place before the academic year 2019, please refer to our archive of events.

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