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Examples of joint research

At the Faculty of Economics and Business, the research projects that are conducted cover a variety of topics.

Below you will find some recent examples of joint research to give you some idea as to what kind of research might work for your company:

Mapping the contextual conditions of resilient decentralised energy systems
Bert Scholtens of FEB, Gasunie, Hanze University Groningen)

This research investigates the role of natural gas and biogas, in its combination with the electricity system, in the transition towards sustainable energy systems. We want to identify the conditions under which synergies between both systems emerge. In particular, we look into the drivers, success factors, and the risks and bottlenecks of the integration of decentralised networks with the conventional grids. Read more.

Lean interventions in health organisations
(PhD of Oskar Roemeling MSc of FEB, commissioned by Lean in de Zorg)

As healthcare in the Netherlands gets more expensive and labor-intensive, healthcare organisations with tighter budgets look at lean production techniques as a possible solution to their problem. By looking at different healthcare organisations, and the way in which they use lean techniques, Roemeling wants to find out how effective these techniques are and how other healthcare organisations could use them successfully. Read more.

Research for Aedes
(conducted by In the LEAD)

To a large extent, management quality determines the success of businesses, according to global research. But it is not clear what type of leadership works best in which situation. In a project with Aedes, the federation of housing corporations and research centre In the LEAD investigate what good leadership is in this context. Housing corporations are somewhere between market and government. This requires a lot from the management team, who are looking at effective leadership: what works and what does not. Read more.

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