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Sub-Saharan Africa

The University of Groningen's history with Africa goes back a long time. Collaboration with the University of Ouagadougou, for example, dates from the 1970's. Since then, the University of Groningen has continued to create partnerships with universities in South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Ethiopia, Benin, Kenya and many other countries.

Opportunities and challenges

If the forecasts are correct, Africa will shape the future. Africa’s tremendous demographic growth offers opportunities, for its young, talented and entrepreneurial people demand access to quality (tertiary) education - which European HEIs such as UG can help provide. It also creates challenges that require African and other HEIs to join forces.

Partnerships in the region

The University of Groningen’s contacts in Africa vary in type and scope. They range from exchange and joint research (supervision) agreements with universities and hospitals in southern Africa, to participation in consortia within the framework of European projects, and capacity building projects financed by the Dutch government or other international programmes.

Research cooperation

Research projects conducted by University of Groningen researchers and their Sub-Saharan counterparts span all UG faculties and cover areas such as astronomy, food security, biodiversity, (sustainable) energy, health, economics and business, history, demography, education, anthropology, law, innovation and entrepreneurship.

African Students Community

Contact Anita Veltmaat for general information about our engagement in the region.

Contact Wiebe Zijlstra and Erik Haarbrink for (capacity building) projects in the region.

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