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Tips for at home

Now that you're used to your veggie lunch and you always use your ceramic mug for coffee, how about some sustainability tips for the home?

Turn the central heating down

Are you used to heating your home to 20 degrees? Why not try and see if 19 degrees (plus a nice sweater) is still comfortable?

Take shorter showers

By taking shorter showers you save water but also a lot of energy, used to hear the water. And it's better for your skin! Very trendy as well is the cold shower, why not give it a try?

Buy and sell second-hand or borrow

Something new doesn't always have to be brand new. If you need something, check the thriftstore, Marktplaats, or check Peerby to see if you can borrow it.

Get rid of your car

Do you really need your car? If you only use a car sparingly, you can rent one through Snappcar. The money you'll save you can invest in the fastest bike ever! Are you into carpooling? Check BlaBlacar for fellow travelers.

Use LED lights

It doesn't need any explanation, use the most sustainable LED lights for your lamps.

Shop for groceries with care

Local fruits and veggies, and seasonal fruits and veffies save a lot of CO2 since they don't have to be transported over long distances. These products are much fresher too, so it's a win-win!

Check your home

Drafts or places where warmth leaks from your house will make your home feel chilly and make your heater work harder! See if your home is isolated well and if there aren't any places where warmth escapes.

Reduce waste, recycle and separate waste

In Groningen it's not possible to separate green (kitchen) waste and plastics, because this is separated at the garbage collector. You can however reduce the amount of waste you produce. By buying consciously, minding plastic wraps and containers, buying your veggies on the market and refusing plastic bags, you can make a huge difference in the amount of plastic you produce.

Use less energy, use better energy

Check your old appliances (they use loads of energy), defrost your freezer, and take chargers out of the power outlet when they're done. That way, you save a lot of energy already. And of course: see if the enerhy you get is truly green. GreenPeace made a list of all energy suppliers.

Make your garden green

Take a garden tile out, put a plant in! Extra green areas in the city help biodiversity, regulate heat and absorb rainwater. Is your garden completely tiled? Take them out and create yourself a green arcadia.

Last modified:07 September 2021 09.16 a.m.
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